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Small Guild Alliances to “fix” SWTOR Conquests?

14 days 10 hours ago - "The question is: do conquests need any sort of “fixing” at all? According to most players, they’re fine the way they are, but they’re a bit slante... | Opinion piece | PC


SWToR server issues lead to Patch 2.9.0d

14 days 12 hours ago - "It’s no secret that since yesterday a number of SWToR servers have experienced a series of issues. Lag spikes, dropped connections and queues star... | News | PC


Bioware’s SWToR Cantina Tour Report-out (Seattle, Grand Hyatt Hotel, August 31,2014)

18 days 2 hours ago - " had the opportunity to attend Bioware’s SWToR Cantina Tour at Seattle’s Grand Hyatt hotel yesterday (Aug.31,2014) and bring yo... | Article | PC


Should SWTOR be transitioned to Consoles?

25 days 1 hour ago - A little more than a week ago, the company behind Star Wars: the Old Republic, BioWare, got around to making what seemed like a major announcement... | Opinion piece | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Star Wars: Commander is your next Star Wars game

29 days 7 hours ago - Disney Interactive just announced Star Wars: Commander, a free-to-play game for mobile devices | News | iPhone


SWTOR: Summary of Game Update 2.9

31 days 3 hours ago - "While many of us have been following the SWTOR update for some time and know what is coming, it never hurts to have a recap and for those who have... | Article | PC


Swtor-mined: 2.9 PTS Patch #2

46 days 20 hours ago - Here is the latest Datamining from Star Wars: The old Republic public test servers. | News | PC


SWTOR Manaan Flashpoint – first look

54 days 22 hours ago - Here are a bunch of screenshots and a short video of the new flashpoint planet Manaan | Image | PC


Star Wars: The old Republic datamined - Gameupdate 2.9 PTS

55 days 21 hours ago - Game update 2.9 will be playable on the public test servers this weekend, but the patch is already available for download. Here is the datamined in... | Article | PC


Should SWTOR Be More Like WoW?

63 days 23 hours ago - Should SWTOR be more like WoW? If you ask the wrong person this question, you’re likely to get your head taken off. | Opinion piece | PC


Star Wars: Battlefront – Release Date Already Pushed Back?

79 days 17 hours ago - According to some very recent rumors, it now looks like a more likely release time-frame for the much awaited title is late 2015/early 2016 | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR: World First Nightmare Dread Palace Speed Run

85 days 7 hours ago - Claims another world first! This is a really cool story about the first ever Nightmare Dread Palace speed run | News | PC


Hillary “Pokket” Nicole joins BioWare as new Community Coordinator

86 days 19 hours ago - Yesterday BioWare introduced a new member to the community team. Hillary “Pokket” Nicole now joines the team as new Community Coordinator. Her role... | News | PC


Video Game Franchises and a Star Wars Legacy

87 days 1 hour ago - "We have many popular game franchises that started off as movies, comics or books. And there are some that were later turned into movies and books... | Opinion piece | Culture


Sexism in the MMORPG Community?

89 days 3 hours ago - "Person is playing a female toon. Perhaps a sexy Twi’lek in skimpy attire because that seems to be the norm for the female versions of characters i... | Opinion piece | PC


Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE Increasingly Looking Like Match Made in Heaven

100 days 5 hours ago - For a layman, the Star Wars: Battlefront trailer presented at the 2014 E3 may have been disappointing. For a true fan however, the trailer told muc... | Opinion piece | PC


Rumor on the Future of Star Wars: The old Republic

103 days 13 hours ago - What could happen in the future of SWTOR? That’s probably a question that many fans of the games speculates. Here is a rumor that is worth checking... | Opinion piece | PC


Are Double XP Weekends Helpful to SWTOR Community?

151 days 20 hours ago - Double XP from the event combined with any other Cartel Market boosters or guild bonuses and you can get level 20 before leaving the planet you’re... | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR Housing Speculation- What Can We Expect?

157 days 3 hours ago - Some of us have been looking forward to SWTOR player housing since we first heard about SWTOR. Now that we know it will be coming soon, there is a... | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR Double XP Weekend Coming Up 4/11 – 4/13

168 days 9 hours ago - It’s that time again! Time for another double XP weekend in SWTOR. Last time there were some issues surrounding the last double XP weekend and Biow... | News | PC


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