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How BioWare Built Enough Content to Fill The Old Republic

1 day 16 hours ago - SWTORStrategies: "We know it’s not easy creating and operating a massively multiplayer online game like SWTOR. That said, it can be equally as diff... | Article | PC


Making KOTOR 2 Beautiful

3 days 13 hours ago - Here is a collection of heavily modded kotor 2 playthrough | Screenshot | PC


SWTOR Anaheim 2015 Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files

8 days 17 hours ago - SWTOR Anaheim 2015 Cantina Tour Flash drive files. Interesting items includes Yavin Stronghold, upcoming Koensayr Monocycle and a teaser called Sec... | News | PC


SWTOR Celebration Cantina Live Stream Recap and Overview (Star Wars Celebration 2015)

8 days 18 hours ago - This Saturday a special Panel aired live for ~52 minutes on Twitch. Bioware live streamed the SWTOR Community Cantina event from Celebration Anahei... | News | PC


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Playing SWTOR with the Xpadder Controller

12 days 11 hours ago - SWTORStrategies: So a couple of months ago i found an xpadder profile made for SWTOR. I decided to test it out with my Dualshock 4, and to my surpr... | Article | PC


SWTOR Launches Community Event Pre-registration

18 days 10 hours ago - Something new for this year’s Cantina Tour starting with the Anaheim Cantina Tour in April is a pre-registration program that allow those who regis... | News | PC


Four of the Best Star Wars Cameos in Non-Star Wars Video Games

18 days 18 hours ago - Star Wars video games are great, but they aren’t the only place that your favorite Star Wars characters show up! You might be surprised to find out... | Opinion piece | Culture


SWTOR Game Update 3.1.2 Patch Notes

21 days 17 hours ago - Servers are going down in less then 24 hours. When they come back up, Game Update 3.1.2 will be applied. here are the patch notes | News | PC


Star Wars Battelfront Reservation Card for $1

21 days 21 hours ago - It’s here! It’s finally time. If you have been waiting to get Star Wars Battlefront, we have one more sign that this is really happening. | News | PC


Star Wars: Battlefront Just a Month Away

33 days 17 hours ago - Star Wars fans only have about a month to wait for the unveiling of Star Wars: Battlefront, quite possibly the most hotly anticipated Star Wars gam... | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR Basics – How to Install PTS and Copy Your Character

33 days 23 hours ago - SWTORStratgies: "Installing PTS is usually a very simple tutorial, but it would take you hours." | Video | PC


SWTOR: Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday March 24 -31 2015

33 days 23 hours ago - Here are the weekly SWTOR cartel market items on sale for the week of Feb 24 – Mar 04 2015. | News | PC


Star Wars 1313 isn’t dead yet

35 days 16 hours ago - A large-scale 3rd person style action game named Star Wars 1313 became cancelled after Disney took over Lucasfilm, however this games remains could... | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR 3.2: Rise of the Emperor – Outfit Designer Overview

37 days 14 hours ago - In this video Vulkk takes a first look and an overview of the new tool coming to SWTOR with Game Update 3.2 – The Outfit Designer. There are still... | Video | PC


Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor PTS Patch Notes

37 days 21 hours ago - The public test servers have been updated. Here are the PTS patch notes for Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor. All content and features on the P... | News | PC


SWTOR 3.2: Rise of the Emperor – First Preview

37 days 21 hours ago - SWTORStrategies: "The Developer Stream on Twitch has just ended and Vulkk has narrowed down and sifted out the more important information about the... | Video | PC


Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday March 17 -24 2015

40 days 15 hours ago - Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for the week of Feb 24 – Mar 04 2015 | News | PC


SWTOR Developer Livestream on March 20 on Patch 3.2

40 days 15 hours ago - The SWTOR developers over at BioWare will be holding a livestream on March 20 to discuss the upcoming Patch 3.2 and Ziost. | News | PC


SWTOR Season 4 Ranked PvP Rewards

40 days 15 hours ago - BioWare just announced the complete SWTOR season 4 ranked PvP rewards. Season 4 will end on April 28, 2015. | News | PC


SWTOR: Dromund Kaas Imperial Citadel on Minecraft

42 days 14 hours ago - SWTORStrategies: "Here’s a gamer who has combined two of my favorite things: Star Wars/SWTOR and Minecraft." | Image | PC


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