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PSJailbreak - The Sad Truth

1924 days 4 hours ago - While hackers usually had to work very hard to succeed in the videogame scene, now all seems to become a business of corruption and audacity. A... | Opinion piece | PS3


SKFU's Exploit Loader available

1985 days 5 hours ago - SKFU said : "So here is the result of the simple idea. The first code which is 100% PS3 only compatible. No flash, no bd-java or similar. The actua... | News | PS3


SONY CSO is a pirate?

2094 days 14 hours ago - streetskaterfu writes: "SONY is always whining about piracy and how evil pirates are. But are they better themselves? Not really! Wh... | Article | 13


Improve Trophy Sync. Speed

2321 days 18 hours ago - We all know the problem. While your trophy list grows and as more games you install, the synchronize process of the trophies becomes slower and slo... | News | 1


See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Sony CEO about PS3's future - SKFU & iQD statement

2391 days 20 hours ago - Obama's CHANGE swapped over to SONY? Sir Howard Stringer from SONY has a very optimistic view to push the PSN to an open Webservice. Will it be suc... | Article | 1,13

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