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Sonic songs from a Super Nintendo? Believe it!

1730 days 12 hours ago - Think back to the 90s: it was a different time, a time when Sega and Nintendo were bitter rivals. Both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo had very... | Article | Retro


Fanmade Sonic 4 trailer created entirely out of snapshots

1731 days 8 hours ago - Sonic’s retro return to form in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has already been released to the public, but think back to a time when the game was... | Video | Culture


How to knit your own Sonic sackboy

1732 days 10 hours ago - Sega fans have taken their desires for making Sonic sackboy versions in Little Big Planet, but another YouTube video has surfaced on how to make a... | Video | PS3


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 rendered in 3D

1737 days 11 hours ago - With all of the games making the jump to 3D on Nintendo's 3DS handheld next year, it makes you wonder if Sonic will make the jump as well (our mone... | Article | Culture


Check What Xbox One Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all Xbox One games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Is Sonic Colors the real return to roots for Sega's mascot?

1739 days 17 hours ago - As fans know, Sega’s posterchild Sonic went through an identity crisis earlier this year when he tried to find his lineage in the return-to-roots 2... | Article | Wii


Sega releases new video to celebrate the release of Sonic Free Riders

1754 days 1 hour ago - The new Sonic Riders title is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and requires Kinect to play - which allows players to use their body as the controller, wit... | News | Xbox 360


Sega Nerds Review: Vanquish

1759 days 21 hours ago - Platinum Games has been a boon for Sega and Vanquish is its latest release in the portfolio. The intense, non-stop action might just make the game... | Review | Xbox 360


Fan Stuff: Get your SEGA-themed Halloween wallpapers

1764 days 15 hours ago - Happy Halloween SEGA Nerds! Here's a little something to help celebrate the festive occasion - some SEGA-themed Halloween wallpapers for your compu... | Image | Culture

Urkel to reprise his role as Sonic in new fan movie

1765 days 5 hours ago - Jaleel White, also known as the lovable nerd Urkel from Family Matters and the voice of Sonic in the cartoons, totally dominated the 90s. Since the... | Article | Culture


ChuChu Rocket! now available from App Store, plus Halloween sale

1766 days 8 hours ago - SEGA never gave a specific date for ChuChu Rocket! to be released for Apple devices, but anyone who has been checking the App Store regularly will... | News | iPhone


Review: Valkyria Chronicles II (Sega Nerds)

1776 days 6 hours ago - Despite not selling anywhere near as well it should have, the original Valkyria Chronicles (VC) on the PS3 is hailed as being one of the console’s... | Review | PSP


Sonic Anniversary recreates Sonic...up to Adventure 2

1783 days 2 hours ago - Discovered by the Spanish forum Sonic Reikai at Madrid's Gamefest 2010 by a Sega's Marketing Director Izaskun Urretabizkaia, Sonic Anniversary is r... | News | Dev


Sonic 2 Fan Remix gives new light to the Genesis classic

1792 days 14 hours ago - It seems that Sonic has been given a breath of fresh air. With three new games on the horizon, a fan-remake of the Mushroom Hill Zone, and even a D... | News | Culture


Finally, a Dreamcast mod that makes your VMU slightly more useful

1797 days 17 hours ago - Let's face it, your Dreamcast probably isn't doing a whole lot right now besides collecting dust. So you've got controllers lying around and Visua... | Article | Retro


SEGA fan in Germany designs awesome airbrushed Dreamcasts

1803 days 17 hours ago - There's just so many versions of SEGA's retired Dreamcast, from special editions to mods that take weeks to perfect. One SEGA fan in Germany decide... | Image | Culture


Sonic Adventure released on Xbox Live Marketplace

1810 days 20 hours ago - The classic Dreamcast adventure finally gets released on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MS Points. | News | Xbox 360


6 Dreamcast mods from basses to boomboxes

1811 days 16 hours ago - Sega’s swan song is long-but-forgotten in the gaming community, with a cult following amassing thousands of people. Gamers, modders, and plain-ol’... | Article | Culture


Two Dreamcast beta titles finally released

1813 days 18 hours ago - The little white box still has some life in it. After an unreleased version of Half-Life seeped onto the Internet years ago, betas for both System... | News | Dev


Rapper uses Sonic 2 as inspiration in his music video

1817 days 14 hours ago - Most rappers these days crossover their rapping lyrics with staple videogame franchises like Super Mario or Zelda. One particular artist, DARXIIDE... | Video | Culture


Sega's Arcade Hits Pack makes you work for your high score

1825 days 17 hours ago - Gunblade N.Y. and L.A. Machineguns have just released for the Wii, thanks to SEGA's new Arcade Hits Pack. These classic lightgun games were no-brai... | Article | Wii



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