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Iron Fisticle Review | Saving Content

3 days ago - Excerpt: "Iron Fisticle is deep, challenging yet rewarding. And while retro-inspired, borrows many modern elements that makes it stand out from the... | Review | PC


Fenix Rage Preview | Saving Content

7 days 18 hours ago - Scott does his best not to break a controller while covering the irresistible, and ridiculously quick platformer, Fenix Rage, in this preview. | Preview | PC


Train Fever Review | Saving Content

8 days 7 hours ago - Excerpt: "The world of Train Fever updates with the times, buildings will rise and fall, towns will expand and segregate by industrial, residential... | Review | PC


Jagged Alliance Flashback Early Access Preview | Saving Content

9 days 8 hours ago - Scott heads to the jungles of San Hermanos to hire mercenaries, and employ tactics as he takes turns in this Preview of the Early Access version of... | Preview | PC


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Bedlam Early Access Preview | Saving Content

11 days 2 hours ago - Scott travels across game worlds in the videogame adaptation of Christopher Brookmyre's Bedlam novel, developed by Red Bedlam in this Early Access... | Preview | PC


Madden NFL 15 Review | Saving Content

14 days 19 hours ago - Excerpt: "It’s been a while where a Madden game felt so fresh, and so exciting that after one game, I immediately wanted to jump into the next. The... | Review | PS4


Minecraft: Xbox One Review | Saving Content

14 days 19 hours ago - Excerpt: "The game is solid as always and worth the price of admission. Especially if you already purchased the 360 Edition as that will translate... | Review | Xbox One


Faceted Flight Preview | Saving Content

15 days ago - Scott gets his flight on with Faceted Flight, a game designed for Oculus Rift. But for the purposes of this preview, a special 2D build was made to... | Preview | PC


Runers Review | Saving Content

17 days 18 hours ago - Excerpt: "Runers puts its best foot forward with the way you have to carefully plot out your passive ability choice in tandem with your class of ch... | Review | PC


Clockwork Empires Early Access Preview | Saving Content

24 days 18 hours ago - Scott colonizes a town where fishpeople attack the honest workers that have come to start new lives. What starts off innocently, turns to murder, c... | Preview | PC


Sentris Early Access Preview | Saving Content

27 days 23 hours ago - Scott plays the unique, entrancing, and wonderful Sentris as it enters Steam Early Access. No game of Sentris is alike. | Preview | PC


Lichdom: Battlemage Early Access Preview | Saving Content

28 days 13 hours ago - Watch Scott as he battles the undead with unlimited magic in this unique, empowering first-person shooter on Steam Early Access, soon to release on... | Preview | PC

Metro Redux Review | Saving Content

31 days 16 hours ago - Excerpt: "Metro Redux is a masterpiece collection of two games with solid storytelling with compelling gameplay, thanks to 4A Games’ vision of Dmit... | Review | PC


Risen 3: Titan Lords Review | Saving Content

35 days 6 hours ago - Excerpt: "Your death is unavoidable in the prologue, and it comes fast. You’ll see familiar characters from Risen 2: Dark Waters appear, as the mai... | Review | PC


Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Review | Saving Content

36 days 4 hours ago - Excerpt: "A promised, but not yet implemented local co-op mode is in the works, bringing in a second hand that will ease the pain of progression. S... | Review | PS4


Sacred 3 Review | Saving Content

37 days 21 hours ago - Excerpt: "The Sacred series is likely not a household name when compared to the likes of Diablo. It filled a very specific void in the hearts of th... | Review | PC


Lovely Planet Review | Saving Content

39 days 19 hours ago - Excerpt: "Don’t let the cute visuals deceive you. Within lies a difficult, and sometimes cruel game. Much like Australia’s adorable koala, can be m... | Review | PC


SpeedRunners Early Access Preview | Saving Content

52 days 13 hours ago - Scott runs around levels, competing to be the best, and almost comes close in this video preview of SpeedRunners, that is on Steam Early Access. | Preview | PC


Sniper Elite III Review | Saving Content

52 days 18 hours ago - Excerpt: "During World War II, snipers instilled fear and confusion unto opposing soldiers. Shots rang out from impossible directions, often killin... | Review | PC


Defense Grid 2 Preview | Saving Content

54 days 5 hours ago - Scott takes a look at the upcoming tower defense sequel, Defense Grid 2 from Hidden Path, creators of Defense Grid: The Awakening. | Preview | PC


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post
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