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17 Things Gamers Should Stop Complaining About

42 days 19 hours ago - In my experience, gamers are some of the most intelligent, thoughtful people on the planet -- yet there also the most competitive and passionate (i... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 7 Deadliest Birds in Video Game History

1187 days 14 hours ago - When it comes to fighting baddies in video games, most people talk about the city sized, end level bosses like the Titans in "God of War" or disgus... | Opinion piece | PC


The 13 Hottest Video Game Voice Over Actresses

1194 days 15 hours ago - Ranker - We hear these women's voices more often than we do real women's voices who aren't our moms. From the entire roster of Lara Croft voices, t... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 13 Greatest Pop Culture Video Game Parodies

1201 days 13 hours ago - Ranker - From playable games, to videos illustrating hilarious game concepts, here's what it would look like if anyone ever made 8-Bit games about... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Witcher 3

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The Top 7 Video Game PR Fails of All Time

1228 days 18 hours ago - Ranker - This is the list of the top 7 Video Game PR Fails. PR is designed to make someone want something more, not make them want to run in the op... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 12 Sexiest Gifts for Your Gamer Girlfriend

1249 days 20 hours ago - Ranker - What do you get the Gamer Girl in your life? She's already defeated the Joker, wiped out the Zerg and dominated Skyrim. What's left? You w... | Article | Culture


The 12 Sexiest Gifts for Your Gamer Girlfriend

1250 days 13 hours ago - What do you get the Gamer Girl in your life? She's already defeated the Joker, wiped out the Zerg and dominated Skyrim. What's left? You want to gi... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Very Best of the Skyrim 'Arrow in the Knee' Meme

1257 days 8 hours ago - Ranker - One of the most talked about games to come out this year was Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But for all the praise it's getting, one thing has b... | Opinion piece | PC


The 13 Greatest Moments in Video Game Griefing History

1285 days 13 hours ago - From Second Life to Modern Warfare, Team Fortress 2 to Left 4 Dead, wherever there's a large group of people playing an online game together, there... | Opinion piece | PC


NAMCO's Top 5 Revolutionary Firsts

1291 days 20 hours ago - Ranker - NAMCO was one of the most important video game developers of The Golden Age of Video Games (the late-1970s to mid-1980s.) Today, the compa... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 12 Most Annoying Non-Playable Characters in Video Games

1320 days 23 hours ago - Ranker - From Halo to Super Mario Bros all video games have non-playable characters. NPCs serve their purpose in filling out a world that would oth... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 10 Craziest Console Mods Not Used for Gaming

1349 days ago - Ranker: Some console mods are absolutely breathtaking. From an R2-D2 that simultaneously plays every major console ever made with a built-in projec... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 10 Most Useless Women in Video Game History

1356 days 8 hours ago - All misogyny aside, games don't portray women all that well do they? For every FemShep or Chun-li (or heck, even Cooking Mamas) around, there seem... | Opinion piece | PS2


The 10 Greatest Comic-Con 2011 Casual Encounters Posts

1384 days ago - Ranker - What about a comic convention leads people to think they're going to get laid? The San Diego Comic-Con, a week-long affair attended by lit... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Most Infuriating Death Screens In Video Game History

1397 days 14 hours ago - Ranker: Let's go ahead and remember all the lives we've lost and which losses have infuriated us the most (in video games). Here's a list of the mo... | Opinion piece | Culture


7 Glaring Reasons Why Mario is a Dick

1397 days 19 hours ago - Ranker: We've all played as him and we've all seen him as a hero, but have we all identified with him? Most likely not. Why? Because he's a f*cking... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 10 Greatest, Fattest, Americans in Video Games

1418 days 13 hours ago - Ranker - If there's one thing we're known for in America, it's that we do things bigger than the rest of the world, and this includes our game char... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Greatest RPG Video Games Ever Made

1420 days 13 hours ago - has their community constantly vote on a list of the greatest RPGs ever made. Did your favorite make the cut? | Opinion piece | Culture


The 13 Greatest Video Game Movies That Almost Were

1465 days 22 hours ago - Ranker: Aside from romantic comedies starring more than 90 characters at a time, video game movies are pretty much the worst genre in film. It's no... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Top 10 Counter-Terrorists in Video Games

1474 days 10 hours ago - Ranker: Like the announcer of a fight in Mortal Kombat, Obama told a team of Navy Seals to finish off Osama Bin Laden, and they seem to have pulled... | Opinion piece | Culture


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