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Random Remarks: The Maw Review

2565 days 10 hours ago - Random Remarks: "As with previous XBLA titles I have reviewed the main issue is not the quality of the game but the length as aside from... | Review | 2


Tech Tree Review: Mirror's Edge

2623 days 22 hours ago - TT writes: "The game uses some new ideas in FPS gaming, like avoiding combat and running away. Before anybody jumps to conclusions, let me tel... | Review | 1,2

Random Remarks Reviews: Scene it? Box Office Smash

2628 days 5 hours ago - RR writes: "# I have never played the Scene it? board game but the Xbox 360 version is a series of movie trivia based mini-games, some of... | Review | 2


Random Remarks Reviews: A Kingdom for Keflings

2628 days 5 hours ago - RR writes: "A Fairly unique type of game, it is best described as Black and White crossed with Sim City as the aim of the game is to build a w... | Review | 2


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Random Remarks Reviews: The Last Remnant

2628 days 5 hours ago - RR writes: "The game is a turn based Japanese RPG, with a unique combat system which I found to initially be very complex and later on too sim... | Review | 2

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