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New GW2 Queen’s Jubilee Icons Datamined

512 days 3 hours ago - Earlier this week ArenaNet announced the upcoming GuildWars 2 Queen’s Jubilee event that’s set to hit servers August 5th. Until then, enjoy droolin... | News | PC


New GuildWars2 Armor and Weapon Skins Data Mined

530 days 2 hours ago - Once again the crew have stumbled upon an impressive amount of new GuildWars2 icons for armor, weapons and election propaganda. The... | News | PC


Next Guild Wars 2 Patch Info Datamined

535 days 6 hours ago - from "The Bazaar of the Four Winds may have just arrived in Tyria, but ArenaNet has already given us a hint as to what is comin... | News | PC


Over 150 Items Data Mined From GuildWars 2

539 days 3 hours ago - Someone was kind enough to send over 150 new items data mined from the Guild Wars 2 client. Some of which are believed to be tied to the Zenith Wea... | News | PC


Win a PS4!!

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Riot Confirms League of Legends Tournament For PAX Australia

546 days 20 hours ago - The fine folks at PAX AUS and Riot have confirmed the Oceanic Season 3 tournament will make it’s way to the new convention. Convention details and... | News | PC


17 New Battlefield 4 Vehicle Customization Screenshots Surface

558 days 5 hours ago - As we draw closer to Battlefield 4 hitting consoles and PCs around the globe, several new screenshots of BF4′s vehicle customizations are surfacing... | Screenshot | PC


Neverwinter Offers Caterday Survivor's Pack To Exploit Survivors

584 days 11 hours ago - Neverwinter's open beta recently went offline due to an exploit and the end result was a 7 hour server rollback. As a way of thanking their communi... | News | PC


Wildstar Devs Tease Wednesday Reveal

585 days ago - From "We don’t know what it is, but the Wildstar team has something in store for its fans. With a cryptic poster, adorned only wit... | News | PC


TUG Talks Design in New Video

591 days 18 hours ago - From "Sometimes, every once in a while, there’s a game that comes along that not only gets you excited, but does something more.... | News | PC


Guns of Icarus Meets Kickstarter Goal

611 days 21 hours ago - From " The Kickstarter for Guns of Icarus has soared to success, reaching its goal of $100,000 last week. This funding will help... | News | PC


Time To Be Afraid: Raid Warning's Preview of Undead Lab's State of Decay

618 days 11 hours ago - Undead Labs is getting ready to release State of Decay to XBox Live and PC and managed to get a hands on preview of the realistic o... | Preview | PC


Interview with Darren Korb - Audio Director at Supergiant Games

625 days 23 hours ago - From "I had the great pleasure of being able to talk with Darren Korb today and ask him a few questions about Games, Music and his... | Interview | PC


Talking Transistor: An Interview With SuperGiant's Greg Kasavin

635 days 3 hours ago - RaidWarning's Jacob Wood gets some time with Transistor and a chance to speak with SuperGiant's Creative Director Greg Kasavin at PAX East . | Video | PC


The PAX ESO Press Beta in Review

637 days 15 hours ago - From " During this past weekend at PAX East, Seven and I had the opportunity to sit down and play the Press Beta version of Zeni... | Opinion piece | PC


DayZ Q&A Session at PAX East

639 days 20 hours ago - The people at Raid Warning gave up their panel slot so Dean Hall and Matt Lightfoot could have an extra hour to show off the standalone and answer... | Interview | PC


PAX East 2013 Wildstar Press Demo

642 days 15 hours ago - A video of the Carbine's press demo for Wildstar at PAX East. A detailed look at more then just the impressive housing system. | Video | PC


Guns of Icarus Online from the Floor of PAX East

642 days 19 hours ago - A Q&A with Howard Tsao of Muse Games talking about the upcoming Guns of Icarus Online. | News | PC


Embrace the Crazy of Saints Row 4

643 days 4 hours ago - A hands on look of Saints Row 4 from PaxEast. Lots of cool stuff in the game, including the Dubstep Gun, which apparently melts your face. Video in... | News | PC


Marvel Heroes Release Date

643 days 22 hours ago - On the first day of PAX East Gazillion Entertainment announced the release date for the upcoming MMORPG Marvel Heroes – June 4th 2013! For those th... | News | PC


Pre PAX East: Smashmuck Champions Is Addictive. Pay Attention Now.

644 days ago - A sneak peak at Kiz Studio's new game, Smashmuck, at PaxEast. | News | PC


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