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The Fine Print of a Fallout MMO

2654 days 7 hours ago - According to Interplay's agreement with Bethesda, there are a few stipulations when it comes to their retention of the IP for an MMO. For instance,... | Article | 12


The Inevitable "Meh" of Warhammer Online

2684 days 2 hours ago - Massively has pointed to their fair share of positive opinion pieces for Warhammer Online, but they realize that not all people see the game as flu... | Article | 12


Hell Froze Over: An Interview with Funcom's Erling Ellingsen

2705 days 18 hours ago - Daedren at Rift Gaming was able to grab the attention of Funcom, and hence an interview with Product Manager Erling Ellingsen. In true Daedren styl... | Interview | 11,12

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