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The Witness Review | Quarter to Three

8 days 3 hours ago - Tom Chick: "Although I don’t like it, I respect The Witness. I really do. It’s a careful, intricate, and skillful creation that no one can accuse o... | Review | PS4


The top five games you’ll be playing in 2016

34 days 12 hours ago - Nick Diamon - "The mind-blower is that there’s more gaming goodness right around the corner in 2016. Beloved franchises will return. New properties... | Opinion piece | Culture


The most disappointing games of 2015

40 days 13 hours ago - Tom Chick - "Calling a game disappointing arguably has more to do with me than the game itself. Disappointment isn’t an inherent quality. It can’t... | Opinion piece | Culture


The most surprising games of 2015

40 days 14 hours ago - Tom Chick - "So if the most disappointing category is a list of games that should have been better, the most surprising category is the opposite. T... | Opinion piece | Culture


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Top ten games of 2015

40 days 14 hours ago - Tom Chick - "For the first time since I’ve been doing these lists, which is probably ten years or more, over half of my choices are from independen... | Opinion piece | Culture


Most overrated games of 2015

41 days 2 hours ago - Tom Chick - "Overrated is a loaded term. It looks good in a headline. It’s often used for no purpose other than to goad a reaction. But that doesn’... | Opinion piece | Culture


Fallout 4 Review | Quarter to Three

78 days 11 hours ago - Tom Chick - "Some movies are Oscar bait. Fallout 4 is shameless Game Of The Year bait, a state-of-the-art iteration in a beloved franchise. All thi... | Review | PC


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review | Quarter to Three

84 days 1 hour ago - Tom Chick - "It’s no surprise Treyarch also has no idea how to establish or develop a character. Which is an okay thing to have no idea how to do.... | Review | PC


Chaos Reborn Review | Quarter to Three

92 days 8 hours ago - Tom Chick - "If there’s such a thing as 'too small to fail', it applies to this wonderful gem." | Review | PC


Anno 2205 Review | Quarter to Three

94 days 16 hours ago - Tom Chick: "But without a sandbox mode, or challenge scenarios, or Anno 2070’s grindy but gratifying system of scientific advances, 2205 doesn’t ha... | Review | PC


Disney Infinity 3.0 Review | Quarter to Three

105 days 22 hours ago - Tom Chick - "If only the Disney Infinity game had been crafted with half as much care, love, and attention as the Disney Infinity sculptures." | Review | PS4


Prison Architect Review | Quarter to Three

112 days 2 hours ago - Tom Chick - "This is something that should be valued in a videogame. I’m as content as the next guy to mindlessly shoot a hundred dudes in a Call o... | Review | PC


Age of Decadence Review | Quarter to Three

117 days 20 hours ago - "And like a detective in a noir yarn, you can’t help but become part of the central mystery, effecting an outcome you might not have intended. Age... | Review | PC


Skyhill Review | Quarter to Three

123 days 16 hours ago - Tom Chick - "The idea is that a biotoxic explosion has… Never mind. It doesn’t matter. You can skip the audio logs, text diaries, and cut scenes ea... | Review | PC


Doodle God Review | Quarter to Three

126 days 8 hours ago - "Ultimately, it’s better than the business model it’s steeped in." | Review | iPhone


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review | Quarter to Three

136 days 5 hours ago - Tom Chick: "Phantom Pain is a celebration of R-rated power fantasies and even a light sprinkling of grindhouse sex and violence, not the least bit... | Review | PS4


Fran Bow Review | Quarter to Three

161 days 17 hours ago - Tom Chick - "An occasionally horrific game with a memorable character and some fantastically grotesque artwork, it’s absolutely worth the journey." | Review | PC


Cosmonautica Review | Quarter to Three

168 days 3 hours ago - Tom Chick - "It all comes down to one burning question I have while I’m waiting for stuff to happen in Cosmonautica: why aren’t I just playing Spac... | Review | PC


Toy Soldiers: War Chest Review | Quarter to Three

172 days 16 hours ago - "The real problem is that your $30 gets you a shameful assortment of bugs, glitches, and control issues. You can’t control flying vehicles with a m... | Review | PC


Victor Vran Review | Quarter to Three

189 days 1 hour ago - "It’s splashy and accessible, but intricate and skill-based. It’s alternately frantic and methodical. You can just plow through it mindlessly or yo... | Review | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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