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Skyhill Review | Quarter to Three

3 days 12 hours ago - Tom Chick - "The idea is that a biotoxic explosion has… Never mind. It doesn’t matter. You can skip the audio logs, text diaries, and cut scenes ea... | Review | PC


Doodle God Review | Quarter to Three

6 days 5 hours ago - "Ultimately, it’s better than the business model it’s steeped in." | Review | iPhone


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review | Quarter to Three

16 days 1 hour ago - Tom Chick: "Phantom Pain is a celebration of R-rated power fantasies and even a light sprinkling of grindhouse sex and violence, not the least bit... | Review | PS4


Fran Bow Review | Quarter to Three

41 days 14 hours ago - Tom Chick - "An occasionally horrific game with a memorable character and some fantastically grotesque artwork, it’s absolutely worth the journey." | Review | PC


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Cosmonautica Review | Quarter to Three

47 days 23 hours ago - Tom Chick - "It all comes down to one burning question I have while I’m waiting for stuff to happen in Cosmonautica: why aren’t I just playing Spac... | Review | PC


Toy Soldiers: War Chest Review | Quarter to Three

52 days 12 hours ago - "The real problem is that your $30 gets you a shameful assortment of bugs, glitches, and control issues. You can’t control flying vehicles with a m... | Review | PC


Victor Vran Review | Quarter to Three

68 days 22 hours ago - "It’s splashy and accessible, but intricate and skill-based. It’s alternately frantic and methodical. You can just plow through it mindlessly or yo... | Review | PC


Guild of Dungeoneering Review | Quarter to Three

69 days 4 hours ago - "These new heroes are a joy to discover, but the game doesn’t give you any incentive to explore them. Without a new game plus mode or even difficul... | Review | PC


Splendor Review | Quarter to Three

83 days 6 hours ago - "It’s a dry exercise in competitive mathing that happens to have pictures under the numbers." | Review | iPad


Batman: Arkham Knight Review | Quarter to Three

90 days 9 hours ago - "Arkham Knight’s take on the hero/villain relationship is unique. You can hail it as clever as Fight Club or dismiss it as stupid as midichlorians... | Review | PS4


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review | Quarter to Three

114 days 7 hours ago - "It raises the bar on story and personality so much higher than its been for RPGs. After spending some time as Geralt, it’s tough to shake the sens... | Review | PC


Massive Chalice Review | Quarter to Three

119 days 8 hours ago - "A brilliant and subversive take on tactical RPGs, is for the rest of us. Bravo, Double Fine. It’s easy enough to make a good game a lot of people... | Review | PC


Heroes of the Storm Review | Quarter to Three

119 days 11 hours ago - "Well, I do appreciate being reminded that this is still a MOBA, after all. And even though it’s still a game within the parameters of its genre, a... | Review | PC


Swords & Soldiers II Review | Quarter to Three

119 days 20 hours ago - "But there are precious few latter day equivalents to those games. Instead, we have a deluge of me-too MOBAs. These are RTSs for people who are so... | Review | Wii U


Carmageddon: Reincarnation Review | Quarter to Three

130 days 20 hours ago - "It's the latter-day high-octane car smashing ped mashing antidote to racing games." | Review | PC


Apollo4x Review | Quarter to Three

138 days 20 hours ago - "For such a smart design, it’s got an appallingly bad implementation." | Review | PC


Interplanetary Review | Quarter to Three

147 days 13 hours ago - "Rocket science, orbital trajectories, and gravity wells are a terrible milieu for guesswork. It’s like a bunch of kids on a merry-go-round hucking... | Review | PC


Ironcast Review | Quarter to Three

169 days 17 hours ago - "Furthermore, Ironcast exists admirably outside the match-3ing. Between matches, you make decisions about equipment upgrades and modifications, spe... | Review | PC


Hand of Fate Review | Quarter to Three

182 days 19 hours ago - "It’s a wonderfully gratifying take on the idea of a collectible card game, on the concept of leveling up, on rewarding failure as well as success,... | Review | PC


Battlelore: Command Review | Quarter to Three

186 days 13 hours ago - "Battlelore, the charming Days of Wonder fantasy take on Memoir ’44 that was transferred to Fantasy Flight and reissued as a second edition, is now... | Review | PC


Check What Wii U and 3DS Titles are Coming Out in October

Now - Nintendo has a handful of interesting titles on offer across Wii U and 3DS systems for the orange-tinged month of October. Here's some hot picks th... | Promoted post
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