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Hey, Remember When MGS And FF Were Exclusive To Sony?

1 day 9 hours ago - It seems that both franchises were at their respective peaks when they were exclusive to the PlayStation platform. Does it mean anything, though? | Opinion piece | Culture


Another PSN Attack...I Hope Hackers Are Proud Of Themselves

2 days 9 hours ago - Could someone please explain the purpose behind such attacks? What's the point? Making a statement? Stealing something? Childish prank? What? | Opinion piece | Culture


If Xbox Loses The US, It Loses Huge

3 days 22 hours ago - With PlayStation having a stranglehold on most major territories around the world, Xbox needs to retain North America. If it doesn't, this war is o... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Can The Holiday Season Save 2014?

4 days 8 hours ago - There was a time when the 2014 holiday season was so stacked, it could've saved anything. Now, though, the delays have put a big dent in the year. | Opinion piece | Culture


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Are The Devs Working To Make The Order: 1886 Less Generic?

5 days 22 hours ago - After everyone criticized gameplay for looking too generic, one wonders if Ready at Dawn has heard the negative feedback and are now reacting to it. | Opinion piece | PS4


I Guess PlayStation Move Died a Quiet, Unloved Death

6 days 10 hours ago - Even Sony bosses are talking about the Move in the past tense, which means the motion-sensing device is done, right? Guess it just fizzled out. | Opinion piece | PS3


My Response To A Grand Theft Auto V Delay: Yes, Please

7 days 11 hours ago - If GTAV doesn't launch until 2015, that's just fine. There are plenty of very large games on the immediate horizon that will take up a lot of time. | Opinion piece | PC


Who Else Wants Bloodborne To Be Just Like Darksiders?

8 days 1 hour ago - There's no telling when we might see Darksiders III (or what it'll be like), so here's hoping Bloodborne is close in terms of gameplay style. | Opinion piece | PS4


Rise Of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition A Given For PS4

8 days 22 hours ago - The new Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Xbox platforms for some time but when it finally does come to PlayStation 4, we can expect the best version. | Opinion piece | PS4


Drake vs. Croft: Who Would Win?

10 days 13 hours ago - There are bound to be plenty of Uncharted vs. Tomb Raider arguments in 2015 but what if the two protagonists faced off? Who would emerge victorious? | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why Destiny Will Be The Only FPS You Require In 2014

12 days 10 hours ago - There's a reason why you'll opt for Destiny over Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this holiday season, and it involves a more in-depth immersion. | Opinion piece | PC


Tomb Raider's On Xbox Because Square Enix Muffed It

14 days 4 hours ago - Microsoft would not have the rights to publish the new Tomb Raider if Square Enix hadn't completely screwed up the business angle to the previous r... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Shooters Jumping Ship In 2014 To Avoid Destiny And CoD?

14 days 21 hours ago - Battlefield: Hardline and Evolve are now set for 2015, and nobody would be surprised to learn that publishers wanted to avoid stiff competition. | Opinion piece | PC


Editorial: Are You Waiting For Destiny To Buy A PS4?

18 days 6 hours ago - There are plenty of gamers out there who don't yet own a next-gen console. Will PlayStation 4 sales skyrocket because everyone's waiting on Destiny? | Opinion piece | PS4


Will Advanced Warfare Steal Away Some Of Destiny's Hype?

18 days 19 hours ago - With the multiplayer reveal for the new Call of Duty on the immediate horizon, it seems like the CoD hype train might finally start to get rolling. | Opinion piece | PC


What Game Will Be The First To Show Off PS4's Punching Power?

20 days 1 hour ago - Which game will finally wow us? Which anticipated title on the horizon will fit your definition of "next-gen" and highlight the PS4's immense capab... | Opinion piece | PS4


Driveclub Might Be Better Than Everyone Seems To Think

22 days 10 hours ago - The hype isn't exactly through the roof for this one, but naysayers may want to do a little research. This game is shaping up pretty darn well. | Opinion piece | PS4


The One Upcoming Title Not On PS4 That You Really Want

23 days 4 hours ago - There are lots of great games on the horizon, including PlayStation 4 exclusives. But which title NOT scheduled for Sony's console has caught your... | Opinion piece | PS4


Special: Dragons, Virtual Reality, And Other Delusions...

23 days 11 hours ago - PSXE: The dragon and virtual reality are myths that both go back a long time and come in different forms. Follow us on a myth hunt into a room with... | Opinion piece | Industry


Editorial: Does The Advanced Warfare Hype Seem...Light?

24 days 10 hours ago - At about this time during any given year, the new Call of Duty scheduled for the fall is hogging the spotlight. Not so much this year, though. Why? | Opinion piece | PC


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