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Velocity Ultra soundtrack available for purchase

1002 days 14 hours ago - You might not really notice or appreciate the driving soundtrack behind Velocity as you're concentrating on picking up the survivors, sending bombs... | News | PS Vita


OMG HD Zombies detonating all over again on the Vita

1037 days 19 hours ago - How many zombies can you kill with one shot? That's often what the PSP game came down to and its getting a HD revamp from Laughing Jackal to add to... | News | PS Vita


Sony should look to IGF for the hottest indie games

1052 days 4 hours ago - Earlier in the week, Sony announced a neat list of Indie games coming to the Vita. These are all good and noble efforts, and show Sony's commitment... | News | PS Vita


How does Sega sell its free-to-play Phantasy Star Online 2 title to Japan?

1104 days 11 hours ago - Sega has this problem in Japan, Phantasy Star 2 Online is free-to-play on the Vita and PC, but the company wants to make some cash up front. So, to... | News | PS Vita


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Starlight Inception developer update and new art

1106 days 7 hours ago - Starlight Inception drops a developer update and new art The Vita's first Kickstarted game and space combat sim, Starlight, is progressing nicely... | News | PS Vita


Team 17 show off a new Alien Breed video

1108 days 22 hours ago - Having arrived on the PSM store, Alien Breed will soon re-emerge on the full PSN with trophies and other extras like cross-platform play. The devel... | Video | PS3


PSM title Life of Pixel to win over nostalgic gamers next week

1135 days 19 hours ago - A new PlayStation Mobile title for PS Vita and Android phones, Life of Pixel, will really pander to older gamers with a true voyage through the his... | News | Android


PlayStation Arcade Home comes to the Vita

1153 days 17 hours ago - Not sure when it arrived, but you can now download the PlayStation Home arcade machine to the Vita and enjoy some mini-game fun on the go. It comes... | News | PS Vita


New Valhalla Knights 3 Vita trailer

1166 days 7 hours ago - Bursting out of Japan comes a new trailer for another uprated Vita title. Out in January, its an update on the PSP series with improved visuals, lo... | Video | PS Vita


FIFA 13 on Vita gets caned on Metacritic and Amazon

1235 days 20 hours ago - EA Sports' FIFA 13 on the Vita is pretty much the first Vita FIFA game with some teeny-tiny updates. That's the verdict of those who got it early,... | News | PS Vita


Enjoy 15 minutes of Soul Sacrifice action

1240 days 9 hours ago - Sony Japan has put up a couple of hefty trailers/tutorials explaining how to play Soul Sacrifice (in Japanese naturally) but still worth a peek. Su... | Video | PS Vita


Are EA and Activision ashamed of their PS Vita games?

1252 days 18 hours ago - So, we see Activision totally disassociating itself from Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, saying that the main game's developers have nothing t... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


First Real Boxing trailer and screenshot

1276 days 7 hours ago - Vivid games has confirmed its Real Boxing game will launch in time for the new iPhone launch first, then the PS Vita (proving at least that the Vit... | News | Mobile


Which Vita developers are still missing in action?

1306 days 9 hours ago - Remember that huge list of PS Vita (NGP at the time) developers that Sony showed off at the proud unveiling back in January 2011? Where are they no... | Article | PS Vita


EscapeVektor coming soon to PS Vita

1310 days 13 hours ago - Aussie developer Nnooo is bringing its WiiWare Tron-like title to the Vita. Alarmingly hypnotic, it looks a good fit for Sony's handheld, especiall... | News | PS Vita


Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles shows off Infinity Gauntlet table

1342 days 8 hours ago - Today Zen Studios has shown off a new trailer for The Infinity Gauntlet table. Packed full of mind bending table effects, The Infinity Gauntlet tab... | News | Xbox 360


Friday Opinion: Why Sony shouldn't cut the price of the PS Vita

1366 days 8 hours ago - Almost every chart or sales-based post on the Vita ends with calls for a price cut. Similarly, forums are full of poster's demands for a slash in c... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Sony's PlayStation Access offering two free minis, now

1382 days 18 hours ago - To celebrate its rapidly rising user numbers, Sony's PS Access Facebook page is offering two free PSN Minis titles, Jewel Keepers: Easter Island an... | News | PSP


Disgaea 3 in at No. 3 on the UK Vita chart

1391 days 2 hours ago - The UK PS Vita charts get a rare new entry in the form of the revamped Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention from NIS, while F1 2011 benefits from its pr... | News | PS Vita

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