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Bloodborne is just $39.99 on Amazon and Best Buy right now

3 days 7 hours ago - PS4 hit Bloodborne is just $39.99 on Amazon and Best Buy right now. | News | PS4


Gorgeous new Star Wars Battlefront screenshot released

4 days 14 hours ago - EA has released a brand new Star Wars Battlefront screenshot, showing the arrival of Imperial Star Destroyers at Sullust. | Screenshot | PC


Why does a tiny 400 MB PS4 game need a massive 200 MB save file?

5 days 13 hours ago - How come tiny PS4 indie games require such massive game save files? | Article | PS4


Sony: Console price wars can be dangerous

9 days 2 hours ago - Sony is in the middle of a price war with Microsoft right now in the UK, where both companies have lowered the price of their consoles, trying to o... | News | PS4


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Get the Star Wars Battlefront wallpaper in stunning 5K resolution

19 days 4 hours ago - EA just released the Star Wars Battlefront wallpaper in stunning 5K quality. | Image | PC


This is what a full year’s worth of free PS Plus games looks like

21 days ago - One image shows what 12 months worth of free PS Plus games looks like. | Image | PS3


The PS4 dust cover is one of the most useless accessories we’ve seen

26 days 3 hours ago - There are a lot of PS4 accessories, but this is one of the most useless ones on the market. | Opinion piece | PS4


Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis Review (PS4Daily)

27 days 2 hours ago - PS4Daily: "Life is Strange is a very interesting and captivating introduction to the five-part, episodic adventure. " | Review | PS4


Black Ops 3 sticks to the formula and adds some new features

31 days ago - Black Ops 3 stays very true to its roots and formula, but the new features should be enough to welcome new fans. | Preview | PC


The “cereal-box” PS4 is the weirdest PS4 ever

32 days 13 hours ago - Someone made a custom PS4 to look like a box of General Mills cereal. | Image | PS4


The Atari skin gives your PS4 a vintage makeover

33 days 7 hours ago - A sleek skin gives the PS4 a retro feel, Atari-style. | Article | PS4


Star Wars Battlefront’s features compared to Battlefront 2

35 days 16 hours ago - Star Wars Battlefront's features compared to 2005's Battlefront 2 to see what's missing. | Opinion piece | PC


Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront Collectors Edition looks impressive

41 days 8 hours ago - The fan-made Collector's Edition makes us wish it was real. | Image | PC


These vinyl-wrapped PS4 consoles looks utterly cool

41 days 12 hours ago - These PS4 consoles look straight out of the 1970s and 80s. | Image | PS4


Amazon is sending out expired PSN vouchers with Bloodborne bundle

50 days 16 hours ago - Those who purchased the Bloodborne PS4 bundle on Amazon got an extra surprise. | News | PS4


Battlefield Hardline has 4X as many active players on PS4 compared to Xbox One

52 days 15 hours ago - Battlefield Hardline is far more popular on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One. | News | PS4


Do you need to be a Dark Souls fan to enjoy Bloodborne?

60 days 19 hours ago - How does Bloodborne compare to Dark Souls, and do you really have to be a fan of the latter to enjoy the new PS4 game? | Video | PS4


Yep, in Bloodborne, you can fist a pig

63 days 13 hours ago - One of the many awesome ways of slaying monsters in Bloodborne. | Video | PS4


Destiny and Diablo 3 are $30 at GameStop and Amazon

65 days 9 hours ago - Both GameStop and Amazon are offering big discounts on Destiny and a few other games. | News | PS4


GameSpot tries to test PS4 vs Xbox One graphics and fails miserably

65 days 13 hours ago - GameSpot's recent "graphics test" is so flawed it's borderline trolling the gaming community. | Opinion piece | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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