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Play Duck Hunt via LittleBigPlanet

2441 days 4 hours ago - So many "old" games have had people remake levels from them in LBP Here is a version of Nintendo's old Duck Hunt Thanks to ps3mods... | Video | 1


New "Qorespondant" Babe Audrey Cleo

2545 days 15 hours ago - She is the new correspondent for Qore, or Qorespondent. She will be covering NBA 09: The Inside in Qore Episode 003, available tomorrow. | News | 1


Download Torrents With the PS3

2608 days 19 hours ago - **WARNING** I, nor condone downloading of illegal media. Please use with caution and intelligence. *******************************... | News | 1


Evolution of Gran Turismo Intro Videos

2629 days ago - From PS3 Mods: "Today we celebrate 10 years of the Gran Turismo series. It was in 1998 when the first Gran Turismo game was released for the P... | Article | 1,9


A Closer Look at Cuphead

Now - Its aesthetic and theme is inspired by classic 1930s-era animation from Fleischer Studios, classic Disney and notably, Ub Iwerks (Mickey Mouse) and... | Promoted post

Home Integration : Hot Shots Golf Lobby?

2682 days 23 hours ago - Check out Hot Shots Golf 5: Out of Bounds' online lobby. You create your own avatar and text chat with others in the lobby. You can also access the... | Video | 1


US Airforce Wants 300 40GB PS3s

2701 days 3 hours ago - It looks like the United States Air Force needs some heavy research machinery at a low cost. Who do they turn to? The PlayStation 3, 300 of them to... | News | 1, 14


PS3 PlayTV Release Date and Price Announced

2753 days 5 hours ago - has priced PlayTV for the PlayStation 3 at £99.99 and is set to be released by the end of March in the UK. | News | 1,4,14


Blu-ray Titles Up to 53% Off

2753 days 23 hours ago - The huge selection of movies includes a total of 229 titles from Disney, Fox, Sony and MGM. Titles available in the promotion include Pirates of th... | News | 1


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Release Date Announced

2791 days 22 hours ago - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's release date is finally known for North America. GT5 Prologue will be out in Japan this December and the North American v... | News | 1


PS3 Mega TV IPTV in Action

2812 days 11 hours ago - The Korea Times says: "KT, Korea's dominant telecom operator, and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (SCEK) will launch an Internet-based... | News | 1


MGS4 Details from OPM UK

2826 days 19 hours ago - Here's a scan of Official PlayStation Magazine UK featuring Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The writer describes the demo stage he played... | News | 1


Gran Turismo TV Goes Live

2836 days 2 hours ago - "If you have downloaded the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Demo, you will now see that the GT TV icon is active. You will see a little NEW tag on it,... | News | 1


Want The GT5 Demo Sooner? Here's How To Make Japanese PSN Account

2838 days 6 hours ago - Want The GT5 Demo Sooner? Here's How To Make Japanese PSN Account | Article | 1


Liquid Cooled PS3

2850 days 1 hour ago - As everyone knows, heat is one of the biggest enemies of electronic components. Dragonpower posted these pics of a liquid cooled PlayStation 3. | Article | 1


60gb PS3 for $349

2914 days 4 hours ago - has been promoting a $100 deal for 60gb PS3 (including 5 BR movies). PS3mods reports you can now get $150 off on the same deal til A... | News | 1


Turn Your PS3 Into A PVR/TiVo.

3113 days 11 hours ago - A blog has put up instructions on how you can turn the PS3 into PVR/TiVo. To achieve this transformation, you will require the use of a Plextor Con... | News | 1

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