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The Last Guardian, 2012 PS3 GOTY Or Disappointment

1420 days 13 hours ago - Will The Last Guardian live up to the hype on the PS3? | Article | PS3


Early Look, Top 5 Biggest PS3 Games For Year 2012

1427 days 8 hours ago - The year 2011 has just a few days left before it becomes history, and 2012 is upon us. The Sony PS3 had a huge year in 2011, enjoying blockbuster r... | Article | PS3


Musical Mashup, Best Video Game Remixes Ever

1462 days 1 hour ago - The video game industry has an extremely loyal and dedicated fanbase who will go to great lengths to showcase their love for the games that they pl... | Article | PS2


Can Final Fantasy XIV be Salvaged on PS3?

1867 days 19 hours ago - PS3 Informer writes: "Can the PS3 release of the game, which is expected in March 2011, be salvaged? Fortunately, some of the problems identifie... | Article | PC


10 All Time Greatest Video Game Weapons

1941 days 14 hours ago - Weapons have certainly made strides since the middle ages, when rickety trebuchets flung plague-infested bodies over castle walls. Such advancement... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why is the Xbox 360 Still Outselling PS3 in North America?

1954 days 19 hours ago - PS3 Informer writes: "Sony has had a tremendous year with its Playstation 3 console. Thanks to a renewed marketing push, a series of blockbuster... | Article | Xbox 360


Why Does President Obama Hate Video Games?

2022 days 9 hours ago - PS3 Informer writes: "Does the president need to be reminded that Microsoft, an American company, employs 53,000 people here in the United State... | Article | Xbox 360


Syphon Filter 5: The Rebirth of a classic?

2050 days 20 hours ago - PS3Informer: I have been playing Syphon Filter for PS1 and enjoying the Old Skool gem. I mean, the game literally came out of nowhere and was... | Article | 1,11


Has Kojima Ruined Metal Gear Solid?

2053 days 9 hours ago - Ps3Informer wrote: "This week, the game's erstwhile creator Hideo Kojima announced that the latest PSP entry in the series would contain tons... | Article | 1,4


The Ugly Truth About Hackers

2054 days 6 hours ago - GameFlavor writes, "The hacker community claimed taking functionality away was a call to arms. They wanted to retaliate against the corporate... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5


WonderCon 2010 Gaming News

2059 days 1 hour ago - PS3Informer: "WonderCon 2010 is in the bag and it was another great convention this year. Capcom showed up with demo stations for their latest... | Article | 1,2,3


Out With The Old IPs, In With The New

2063 days 17 hours ago - PS3Informer: More than two decades ago, Nintendo became synonymous with video games, due in no small part to a little Italian plumber originally na... | Article | 1,2,3


Video Games Are Key to Success for 3D TV

2071 days 16 hours ago - PS3Informer writes, "With diminishing margins and stiffer competition in the LCD market, TV makers are hoping that this new feature will spur... | Article | 1,14

PlayStation Move: A Genius Move or a Stroke of Stupidity?

2079 days 10 hours ago - PS3Informer writes, "Sony calls it their next big thing in video gaming. Can we call this Move genius, or should we really call it idiot-savan... | News | 1


Five Things We Love About Final Fantasy XIII

2083 days 18 hours ago - PS3Informer writes, "Final Fantasy XIII has finally arrived, and it is proving to be quite controversial. The game has many positive and negat... | Article | 1,2


PSN Games You Must Play... While They're On Sale

2108 days 16 hours ago - PS3Informer writes, "Here are some games you have no excuse not to get, now that they're on sale -- some for as cheap as the low, low price of... | News | 1


God of War III and Slurpee Cross-Promotion Leaves Sour Taste

2110 days 1 hour ago - GameFlavor describes why the current God of War III and 7-Eleven Slurpee cross-promotion is such a lame deal because of the ill-conceived point sys... | Article | 1


PS3 Informer: Heavy Rain Review

2113 days ago - PS3 Informer writes: "After literally years of waiting, Quantic Dream has finally unveiled its cinematic take on current generation gaming wit... | Review | 1


PS3 Informer: 3D Dot Game Heroes Preview

2135 days 9 hours ago - PS3 Informer writes: "Up until now, parodies of video games have remained quite rare. And that's too bad, because we have a long and rich hist... | Preview | 1


PS3 Informer: Assassins Creed 2: Review

2142 days 23 hours ago - PS3 Informer writes: "Our time-traveling assassin in back with a new adventure and new list of people to kill, this time in the watery streets... | Review | 1


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