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Presspauseradio's Quarter Circle Forward Review: Payday 2

631 days 6 hours ago - "On the tails of Left 4 Dead, pure multiplayer co-op experiences have risen again and won over the hearts of gamers with unique campaign games. Suf... | Review | PC


Presspauseradio at PAX Prime 2013: The PlayStation Jubilation

759 days 12 hours ago - "November 15th is fast approaching folks. Soon, the final cornerstones to the new market of hardware will arrive and with the PS4 having a head sta... | Preview | PS4


Why The Nintendo Holiday Is Boring, And Their Future Looks Scary

764 days 7 hours ago - "Whether most of us (myself included) want to admit it or not, Nintendo has been flailing on the scene as of late. The lack of compelling Wii U sof... | Opinion piece | Wii U


PPR Presents Indiedrome: Episode 3: Too Many Bundles

977 days 2 hours ago - "This week on Indiedrome, Matt and Stevie talk about the saturation of independent game bundles that populate the web on a daily basis and how it a... | Podcast | PC


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Life Through The Pixel Glass-01/16/2013

977 days 7 hours ago - "Before I start the latest Life Through The Pixel Glass, I have some opinions I need to catapult off my chest. They’re heavy and hard, so get ready... | Opinion piece | Culture

Press Pause Radio: Games Club: The Walking Dead

977 days 11 hours ago - "Well it’s the new year, you know, the big twenty-thirteen, and what better way to move on then to do a Games Club on our Golden Zonkey awarded Gam... | Podcast | PC

40°'s Quarter Circle Forward Review: Virtua Fighter 2

977 days 13 hours ago - "Fighting games sure have come a long way since the mid 90s. Every now and again, it's great to go back to the days when the arcade fighter was kin... | Review | PS3

40°'s Quarter Circle Forward Review: Bunny Must Die!

1105 days 8 hours ago - "Rockin' Android's latest release, Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils, has finally made its North American debut with a surprise release in t... | Review | PC


Press Pause Radio takes on PAX Prime 2012: Wii-U Impressions

1134 days 11 hours ago - "Despite its debatable name, the Wii-U seems somewhat promising. The only issue, however, is whether or not it’s truly the console Nintendo needs t... | Preview | Wii U

80°'s Quarter Circle Forward Review: Wreckateer

1134 days 17 hours ago - "I went into Wreckateer with extremely low expectations. Given the abysmal showing the game had at E3 this year and the fact that it looked like an... | Review | Xbox 360


PPR At PAX Prime 2012: The Prologue

1134 days 17 hours ago - "Don’t be a JAFO! The crew comes together to discuss what they have on their plate for PAX Prime. We discuss in detail what we’re looking forward t... | Podcast | Culture

20°'s Quarter Circle Forward Review: Way Of The Samurai 4

1134 days 21 hours ago - "As the ferryman paddles the boat to dock, a ronin departs the floating vessel, setting foot into the villiage of Amihama, a town rife with tense c... | Review | PS3


Eschatos REVIEW (Xbox 360) - Bullet Heaven HD Episode 53

1190 days 12 hours ago - "Region-free games are just great; when a company makes its games accessable to anyone in the world that would like to play it, it's always a great... | Review | Xbox 360


Quarter Circle Forward Review: Unchained Blades

1190 days 23 hours ago - In another story of a niche publisher taking on a heavy labor of love to localize a hit JRPG to the North American masses, Xseed Games brings us Un... | Review | PSP


Quarter Circle Forward Review: Y's Origins

1208 days 1 hour ago - The Ys Saga has never really gotten a lot of press in North America, especially with Squaresoft and Enix and later Square-Enix dominating the RPG w... | Review | PC


Press Pause Radio: Games Club; The Mass Effect Trilogy

1235 days 9 hours ago - Press Pause Radio writes: "Press Pause Radio has returned from their PAX experience with an all new super sized Games Club, this time discussing th... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Press Pause Radio: Episode 57

1236 days 23 hours ago - After massive Games Clubs and special event shows such as PAX East and GDC, Press Pause Radio finally returns to normal with Episode 57. On the sho... | Podcast | Culture


Max Payne 3 Review | Quarter Circle Forward

1237 days 3 hours ago - In São Paulo, Brazil, we find the former lawman Max Payne wallowing in his usual grizzled disposition towards life and the current state of affairs... | Review | Xbox 360

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