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National Geographic reports that a real zombie outbreak could happen

1919 days 1 hour ago - National Geographic reports that a form of the rabies virus could create a zombie-like epidemic if airborne. It's an interesting concept that any L... | News | Culture


Hot cosplay of the week: Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockheart

1963 days 16 hours ago - With Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy recently announced at TGS, most fans of the popular RPG series recollected memories of one 7th Heaven bartend... | Image | Culture

Why gamers should be watching Chuck

1963 days 22 hours ago - Chuck may be one of the most popular comedies on TV, but gamers should be fascinated by the numerous gamer references in the show too. Here's why C... | Article | Culture


Sony's new experimental game isn't even a video game

1966 days 17 hours ago - Sony is working on a new game called Blocks, which was selected by fans, and created by fans, and will be showcased for the 1st time at a Playstati... | News | Industry


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

This is what happens when Halo's Spartans and Hello Kitty collide

1981 days 19 hours ago - Looks like Hello Kitty is on board to finish the fight alongside the Spartans in the Halo series. | Image | Culture


Final Fantasy character recognized as having one of the most ridiculous names

2012 days 22 hours ago - A looks at some of the most ridiculous names protagonists have, from TV show to movies and videogames. One of Final Fantasy's most beloved heroes a... | News | Culture


10 videogames turned into manga

2018 days 2 hours ago - Some games are so popular that they were bound to expand to other mediums. For many, it’s all about manga. What makes manga about video game charac... | News | Culture


Artist shows the "darker" side of Mario and others

2023 days ago - Jeff Agala, comes from Klei Entertainment, where he is currently working on a nifty little blood-fest of a game called "Shank". Not only is Agala a... | Image | Culture


Artist shows gamers what a dead Spartan looks like and more

2031 days 1 hour ago - This week's artist is famous for his creations which have been featured on numerous magazine covers, including GamePro. Using a wacom tablet and so... | Image | Culture


Reviled World Cup Referee gets turned into viral video Pokemon character

2038 days ago - Some referees will never have the easy way out. World Cup referee Jorge Larrionda, known for blowing calls and giving out Red Cards like it's candy... | Video | Culture


Amazing gaming artist of the week

2041 days ago - In an ongoing effort to highlight great gaming artist from around the world, The Kartel brings you the works of "Pertheseus" as this week's feature... | Image | Culture


Artist re-imagines classic videogame scenes with airbrushed strokes

2048 days 3 hours ago - Through a combination of digital painting and airbrushing, Aguirre is able to create masterpieces that adhere to the classic look of retro videogam... | News | Culture


Meet Your Favorite Marvel Game Stars in London

2069 days 23 hours ago - Your dreams of getting up close and personal with your favorite Marvel game stars (*shudder* Iron Man) can now come true! Madam Tussaud's Wax Museu... | Article | Culture


Video Interview with the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie cast (The Kartel)

2080 days 21 hours ago - Videogame movies have always gotten the shorter end of the stick, mostly due to their overdone production values and unrealistic plot. The cast of... | Video | Culture

8 Video Games Yo'Mama Would Love

2102 days 16 hours ago - Mother's are trying harder to understand their kids these days, so maybe you could give her a heads up with a new videogame! Here are some choices... | Article | Culture

The ten best cosplayers of Wondercon 2010

2130 days 3 hours ago - This year's WonderCon was packed with thousands of geeks from every possible denomination of the culture. Solid Snake and Scouts from TF2 stood in... | Article | 11


Spy Hunter movie rises from the grave...again

2144 days 15 hours ago - When WB purchased Midway last summer, the Spy Hunter rights were transfered over to Warner, and voilà, a new game-movie is underway...and most... | Article | 11


Top 10 Geekiest Moments at GDC 2010

2154 days 16 hours ago - The Game Developers Conference in 2010 brought together lots of gaming developers, journalists and job seekers looking to capitalize on the next wa... | Article | 1,11,12,14

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