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PopCults Review - Hand of Fate

57 days 2 hours ago - Richard of writes "As I said, I didn’t know what to expect from Hand of Fate – it wasn’t my first game to pick up and play; but I am s... | Review | PC


PopCults Review - Evolve

58 days 13 hours ago - Richard or writes "In no way is Evolve a bad game, it just had a lot more potential than what I have experienced. I do not regret play... | Review | PC


PopCults Review - Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

61 days 5 hours ago - Richard of writes "Admittedly, I am very open to this idea, even if I feel that it may be over the top at times. Yeah, it can be a bit... | Review | PC


Here’s Hoping that Boxing Angel gets a Local Release

61 days 23 hours ago - Richard of writes "Still, I am willing to give Boxing Angel a shot when it releases later this season. I am not sure if the game will... | Opinion piece | Mobile


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

PopCults Review - Dying Light

74 days 20 hours ago - Richard of writes "I may have gone on a rant about the tutorial mode and repetitive missions early on, but really, they are not much o... | Review | PC


PopCults Review: Citizens of Earth PS Vita

88 days ago - Daniel of writes "At its best, Citizen of Earth is a witty role playing game that draws inspiration from both Earthbound and the Suiko... | Review | PS Vita


Favorite Games of 2014

99 days 5 hours ago - Richard of writes "After taking a few weeks to look back over the releases that came out in 2014, I think I have finally settled on a... | Opinion piece | Culture


PopCults Review: Bayonetta 2

99 days 8 hours ago - Richard of writes "But when it all is said and done, I had a lot more fun with Bayonetta 2 than I thought I would – and that is saying... | Review | Wii U


Seriously? My 7-Year Old Son is Kicking My Ass at Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

144 days 18 hours ago - Richard of writes "The thing is I don’t know if his winning luck is attributed to him actually having really good SSB skills or him ju... | Article | Wii U


Initial Thoughts on New Blizzard IP Overwatch

168 days 20 hours ago - Richard of writes "Come on, I dare you to tell me that you were not impressed with the Overwatch trailer that debuted at BlizzCon yest... | Opinion piece | PC


A New Japanese Idol AV Based on a Puzzle Game

190 days 14 hours ago - Richard of writes "Which leads me back to Magic & Puzzle: Valkyrie Angel (MAP), the AV that Studio 2.5 made for fans of Puzzle & Drago... | Opinion piece | Culture


Mario Kart 8 Happy Meals but No Luigi Death Stare

286 days 5 hours ago - Richard of writes "I guess I will still buy the Happy Meals to get all the toys but it won’t be as much fun without Luigi’s menacing l... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 10 Characters I Want to See in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

358 days 11 hours ago - Richard of writes "Just to clear some things up, I wanted to keep the list somewhat realistic; so sorry, but Goku, Master Chief and ot... | Opinion piece | Wii U


PopCults- South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

358 days 23 hours ago - Tiarra of writes "Let me begin by saying that I’m not a hardcore South Park fan. I don’t watch the new seasons as soon as they are out... | Review | PC


5 Older Gen Games that Need Remakes

364 days 18 hours ago - Richard of writes "There are some games that I absolutely fell in love with during my time as a gamer. Most of those series have gone... | Opinion piece | Culture


PopCults - Highs and Lows of Video Gaming in 2013

450 days 16 hours ago - Richard of writes about some of the best and worst video games of 2013. From AAA tier games to top indie games that managed to impress... | Opinion piece | Culture


Pop Cults - Monster Loves You Review

609 days 15 hours ago - Richard of PopCults writes "I wish Monster Loves You had a bit more to offer as I quickly played through three different scenarios in just over an... | Review | PC


The Pop Cults Saints Row IV Guide: Part I, Weapons

615 days 8 hours ago - Richard of writes "If you are planning on buying Saints Row IV, then you’re in luck. I’ve decided to put together a few handy guides f... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Video Games That Helped Shape Current Gaming

618 days 5 hours ago - Tiarra of writes "If not for this leap in technology, and the innovation of game developers in the first decade of the 2000s, I don’t... | Opinion piece | Culture


Pop Cults - Saints Row IV Review

620 days 5 hours ago - Richard of writes "So as I sit here watching the credits roll on Saints Row IV after finishing the final level a second time, I am lef... | Review | PC


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