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What's Wrong With Ultra Street Fighter 4 On PS4?

15 hours ago - Play: "It looks like all is not well with the PS4 version of Street Fighter 4, with players reporting a raft of problems." | News | PS4


Guns, Gore & Cannoli Is Coming To PS4, But Is It Any Good?

18 hours ago - Play: "We check out the PC version of Guns, Gore & Cannoli ahead of its PS4 release" | Video | PC


Why Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Needs Something Original

5 days 9 hours ago - We explain why Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is failing to excite and why it brings to mind Deus Ex and Advanced Warfare: | Video | PS4


Is Not A Hero On PS4 Worth Your Attention?

8 days 17 hours ago - Play: "We’ve had a bash on the PC version of Not A Hero ahead of its release on PS4. Here are our impressions." | Opinion piece | PS4


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Why Destiny Is Far From Finished

10 days 11 hours ago - Play: "Why those who claim that Destiny is done are wrong." | Opinion piece | PS4


Why Destiny Is Done

14 days ago - Play: "Every month in Play Magazine, we take a hot topic and look at the arguments for and against. Desinty is the hot topic this time around with... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s Hat Removal Stealth Mode Is Hilarious

14 days 20 hours ago - Play: "Best thing about AC Syndicate? The ridiculous 'hat removal stealth mode'. That makes you MORE suspicious!" | Video | PC


Why Bashing HD Remakes Is Wrong

16 days 21 hours ago - Play: "Last week, we gave you Retro Gamer Editor Darran Jones stating the case against the trend for HD remasters on current-gen consoles. This wee... | Opinion piece | PS4


Videogaming's Greatest Soundtracks

20 days 8 hours ago - Play: "An often-overlooked element in videogames, a great soundtrack can be as important and memorable as visuals or mechanics. These are some of t... | Opinion piece | PS3


Why HD Remakes Take Advantage Of Us

22 days ago - Play: "Every month in Play Magazine, we take a hot topic and look at the arguments for and against. This time up, we start with Retro Gamer Editor... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Life Is Strange Is Becoming Essential

42 days 21 hours ago - Play: "We explain why Life Is Strange is getting so interesting and why that just might make it essential." | Video | PC


How To Get S & A+ Rankings In Hotline Miami 2

49 days 12 hours ago - Play: "Struggling to get S and A+ rankings in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number? We walk you through how Hotline Miami 2’s scoring system works and exp... | Video | PC


Titan Souls On PS4: Why You Need To Pay Attention

49 days 12 hours ago - Play: "We’ve been playing a bit of Titan Souls ahead of its release on PS4. We explain what the game is and why it’s a game that you should be payi... | Video | PC


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review - Play Magazine

78 days 8 hours ago - Play: "Is Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number as great as the original? Find out in our Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review." | Review | PS3


Why You Should Be Hyped For Super Time Force On PS4

83 days 12 hours ago - Play: "Super Time Force Ultra is an awesome action game. We explain what makes it so good and why its great that it's coming to PS4." | Video | PC


What Is Soul Axiom?

83 days 17 hours ago - Play: "We take a look at a surreal adventure game that’s on it’s way to the PS4, Soul Axiom." | Video | PC


Breaking Down PS4 Exclusive Hunger

85 days 3 hours ago - Play: "We take a look at the surreal first trailer for Tarsier’s PS4 exclusive Hunger to see what the studio has in store for us." | Video | PS4


Is This March’s PS Plus Lineup For PS4, PS3 & PS Vita?

86 days 13 hours ago - Play: "March's PS Plus lineup for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita has been revealed in Japan, pointing at what we could get on PS Plus in Europe and the US." | Rumor | PS3


Persona 5 Breakdown: How It Differs From Persona 4

91 days 9 hours ago - Play: "We break down the latest Persona 5 trailer to discuss the game’s visual style and how dungeons are changing." | Video | PS3


The Order: 1886 review | PLAY Magazine

98 days 9 hours ago - Yes, it’s pretty short. Yes, it’s pretty linear. But the varied action is great, the visuals peerless and production values off the charts. In ter... | Review | PS4


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