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Rumor: Nintendo ReUmagined Super Mario 64 and Other Titles for Wii U

764 days 22 hours ago - No need to blink twice. There is a prevailing rumor out there from a generally reliable website that Nintendo is currently planning to release a Re... | Rumor | Wii U


First look and ideas at Street Fighter V, if Capcom went back to 2D art

1160 days 15 hours ago - PGN writes: "Back to 2D, hand drawn art and animation. It’s a tedious, arguably more difficult process to achieve, but with over a decade passin... | Article | Culture


DragonBall Z: Project Super Saiyan

1275 days 12 hours ago - "The following video entitled 'DragonBall Z: Project Super Saiyan' is a fan made creation, depicting the series' main character, Goku, transforming... | Video | Culture


Yuji Naka’s official Mii

1610 days 22 hours ago - "One of the great things about E3 this year was the sheer amount of 3DS units being played by thousands of attendees. Every turn you made, in each... | Image | 3DS


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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The most epic Legend of Zelda artwork you’ve ever seen

1668 days 22 hours ago - "2011 is The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary, and for it, artist Ag+ has created a truly awesome piece. In it contains just about every importan... | Image | Culture


Industry bios: Takashi Tezuka

1668 days 22 hours ago - "Takashi Tezuka was born in Osaka, Japan on November 17th, (1960) and has been a video game designer for Nintendo since 1984. He has been involved... | Article | Culture


Industry bios: James Allard

1673 days 5 hours ago - "James Allard was born in Glens Falls, New York on January 12th, 1969 and served as Microsoft’s Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Offic... | Article | Industry


Sony: "We're not afraid of a little coffee stain"

1677 days 23 hours ago - From PGN: "Has Sony secretly been keeping the lid on a PlayStation 4 better than Nintendo has with its next console and plans an E3 reveal of their... | Rumor | Next-Gen


Industry bios: Erik Ko

1679 days 17 hours ago - From PGN: "Erik Ko is the Chief of Operations for comic book studio, Udon (ran from Canada) and is probably best known for his ties with Capcom and... | Article | Culture


Japanese earthquake cost industry 7.3 billion yen

1681 days 15 hours ago - From PGN: "The earthquake that struck Japan several weeks ago, as well as the countless amounts of aftershocks since, have really hurt the country.... | News | Culture


Wii 2 will not be Dreamcast, it’ll be “the PlayStation 2 of next gen”

1682 days 22 hours ago - “With so many stories online coming out in the last several days regarding Wii 2, Project Cafe, Wii ii, Wii HD, or whatever most people are comfort... | Opinion piece | Wii


Retro Studios working on a "project everyone wants us to do" for Wii 2

1684 days 2 hours ago - From Paul Gale Network: "Retro Studios is hot off a four game win streak thanks to Donkey Kong Country Returns and the Metroid Prime trilogy, but a... | News | Wii


Crytek is satisfied in going multi-platform with Crysis 2

1685 days 5 hours ago - From PGN: "CEO and President of Crytek, Mr. Cevat Yerli recently went into great detail on the making of Crysis 2 and why the development team deci... | News | PC


Industry bios: Mark Bozon

1685 days 5 hours ago - From PGN: "Mark Bozon these days is the Reviews Editor for the newly relaunched Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, but for 5 years (2005-February,... | Article | Culture


Drug dealers use Wii to smuggle drugs in New Jersey

1686 days 20 hours ago - From PGN: "A package was discovered in Newark, New Jersey today and in it was a load of drugs. These smugglers used several different devices to tr... | News | Wii


3rd party developers have Wii 2 development kits and will show software at E3

1688 days 2 hours ago - "I (PGN) has learned that 3rd parties have received “Wii 2″ development kits and aim to reveal some of their work at E3. According to these differe... | Rumor | Wii


Peter Moore says there will still be a Madden this year, plus something HOT for E3

1689 days 16 hours ago - "Last night during an EA Sports event in San Francisco, CA, Peter Moore told us that Madden 12 will still be coming out this Summer, despite the pr... | News | Wii


Activision prepping teaser trailer for new Tony Hawk at E3

1689 days 23 hours ago - "Activision is preparing a new Tony Hawk game for 2012, putting 2 years of develpment into the title. First teaser trailer at E3." | News | Culture


Peter Molyneux on “fresh concept” from Microsoft at E3, Minecraft, and more

1690 days 11 hours ago - "One of the things that we at PGN learned at the event is to expect some truly fresh concepts from Microsoft at E3 this year. Peter said that in or... | News | Xbox 360


WWE All Stars promo on Jimmy Kimmel Live

1703 days 14 hours ago - From PGN: "WWE Wrestlemania XXVII is taking place this Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia and Jimmy Kimmel Live created a little promotional video with Row... | News | Wii


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