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The Playtendo 360: The Next-Gen Consoles and the Progression of the Gaming Industry

2429 days 10 hours ago - It's been four years since the world welcomed the seventh generation of games consoles into their homes. With the original Xbox failing to impress... | Article | 1,2,3,11


ParaGamer: Empire: Total War Review

2431 days 7 hours ago - ParaGamer writes, "The Creative Assembly has worked on the Total War series for over nine years now and their experience is really starting to... | Review | 12


Hyper-Realistic Graphics: Not Always Good?

2447 days 10 hours ago - We've recently seen a revolution in the gaming industry whereby the industry is attempting to satisfy the gamer's latest urge: hyper realistic grap... | Article | 1,2,11,12


Paragamer: 50 Cent Blood on the Sand Review

2449 days 7 hours ago - Despite my initial scepticism, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand has proved to be a highly enjoyable gaming experience. The game doesn't take itself too s... | Review | 1,2


The Five Must-Play Exclusives for Xbox One in 2016

Now - With the holidays quickly wrapping up in 2015, it is time to look to the future. 2016 is already shaping up to be massive for games, and both Sony... | Promoted post

The Most Annoying Achievements

2463 days 9 hours ago - Arguably one of the best aspects of the Xbox 360 is the achievement system. Microsoft's achievements gave the highscore a makeover. The highscore... | Article | 2, 11


Why You Shouldn't Pay for DLC

2468 days 17 hours ago - Downloadable Content, otherwise known as DLC, is this year's top gaming buzzword. Last year it was episodic content which gave us the Half-Life 2 e... | Article | 1,2,11


Gaming: Not So Bad For You After All

2481 days 8 hours ago - Tired of everyone telling you that your gaming habit is detrimental to your health and that one touch of GTA will turn you into a bloodthirsty psyc... | Article | 11,13

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