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Ouya Now Being Used to Treat Depression, Life Can’t Be Worse Than the Ouya

2 hours ago - With an article on Yahoo explaining how some video games can treat depression, one console maker has stepped up and created an entire console to co... | Opinion piece | Culture


Hideo Kojima Wants People to Die While Playing Silent Hills

2 days 8 hours ago - Hideo Kojima wants to set the record straight. Saying that he wanted to scare people to death through Silent Hills was actually a mistranslation. I... | Opinion piece | Culture


Rise of the Tomb Raider Confirmed to be Exclusive For At Least 17 Hours on Xbox One

8 days 4 hours ago - The exclusivity wars between Sony and Microsoft continue to ramp up. The newly announced Silent Hills is rumored to be Sony exclusive which only ad... | Opinion piece | Culture


EA Claims That Making a Game People Will Like, Isn’t Easy

9 days ago - After The Sims 4 producer Graham Nardone spoke with Kotaku about how difficult it would be to add pools to the game, he stated in an interview toda... | Opinion piece | Culture


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Comatose Man Awakens and Tries to Buy One Complete Video Game, Returns to Coma After Seeing DLC

12 days 6 hours ago - A passionate gamer who recently woke up from a 15 year coma returned to the world of gaming by attempting to purchase the complete version of The L... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Dark Souls II Will Not Be Game of the Year: It Wasn’t Hard Enough

12 days 22 hours ago - Unfortunately, modern gaming requires that everyone should be free to complete a game by any way they choose. That especially applies to Dark Souls... | Opinion piece | Culture


Ubisoft To Release Eight Assassin’s Creed Titles in 2015

13 days 23 hours ago - By releasing two major Assassin’s Creed titles this year, Ubisoft is confident that people want more Assassin’s Creed. This is why they have promis... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Watch Dogs Will Be Game of the Year: Look At All the E3 Awards

16 days 10 hours ago - Watch Dogs is a game that literally can not be bad. It has to be game of the year. Every single person who gave this game an E3 award must have had... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Goat Simulator Will Be Game of the Year

16 days 13 hours ago - Goat Simulator started as a joke. Then social media took a hold of it and boosted this game into the stratosphere. You got popular YouTubers like P... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Titanfall Will Be Game of the Year: It Made People Want an Xbox One

17 days 12 hours ago - Titanfall is more than just a shooting game. It’s a game that makes people want to buy an Xbox One. That is a miracle considering the hell that con... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U Will Not Be Game of the Year: Where’s Geno?

23 days 2 hours ago - Jack from writes... Some people say I have an unhealthy relationship with the video game character Geno. That is untrue. Just because Sq... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Lightning Returns Will Be Game of the Year: Guest Post by Motomu Toriyama

23 days 13 hours ago - Jack from writes... Lightning Returns is more than a video game, it is a religious experience. I am actually the founder of the first Ch... | Opinion piece | Culture


Square Enix Sends Cease and Desist to RPG's Final Fantasy V Fan Translation

27 days 15 hours ago - With Square Enix reportedly sending a threat to a fan translation of Final Fantasy Type-0 despite it already being finished, it was inevitable that... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why The Last of Us Remastered Will Be Game of the Year: You’re Objectively Wrong If It’s Not Yours

28 days 10 hours ago - The Last of Us was by far the most game of the year game last year. It had everything a game of the year needed: an award for being game of the yea... | Opinion piece | Culture


Europe Bans the Word Free to Describe Free-to-Play Games, Devs Already Have New Ways to Trick People

32 days 5 hours ago - Europe’s ban on the word free to describe free-to-play games might have sent shivers down the spine of certain game developers. Unfortunately, many... | Opinion piece | Culture


Microsoft Now Selling Xbox One Without Two Kinects, Demand Skyrockets Satire

32 days 15 hours ago - Sales of the Xbox One have improved dramatically after Microsoft announced a Kinectless version of the console. Now gamers are lining up to buy the... | Opinion piece | Culture


Should Gamers Need to Think While Playing Video Games?

33 days ago - Game developers have been asking this question for years: should gamers need to think while playing a video game? If a game requires too much think... | Opinion piece | Culture


Infographic: Is It Worth It to Sell Your Child for Items in a Free-to-Play Game?

35 days 18 hours ago - Many parents have always wondered about this simple question: should you sell your child to get some money to spend in a free-to-play game? The ans... | Opinion piece | Culture


Sony Willing to Brand the PlayStation 4 With Anything to Win Over Japan

38 days 18 hours ago - With the PlayStation 4 struggling in Japan, it seems that Sony is getting desperate. With Frozen being Japan’s top film this year, a Japan-only Fro... | Opinion piece | PS4


Nintendo Spent Millions Protecting Masahiro Sakurai From Assassination Attempts by Pro Smash Players

41 days 23 hours ago - It was a huge risk letting Kirby and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai fly to Los Angeles for E3 knowing that there were hundreds of professiona... | Opinion piece | Culture


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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