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OMGRPG: Top 10 RPGs of 2008

2433 days 18 hours ago - OMGRPG writes: "It has been uttered by many people I hang around that 2008 was a bad year for RPGs. I happily agreed with them, griping about... | Article | 1,2,5,9,12


The omgRPG Guide to Powerleveling Inscription, Part 2

2482 days 12 hours ago - Mandifesto writes: "Scribes among us, I have to apologize. I promised a part two to the Inscription guide right after BlizzCon, and then... | Article | 11


Secret Snake Codec Convos in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2730 days 21 hours ago - Here's how you do it. Play as Snake on Shadow Moses Island against whoever. When the match starts push down on the D-pad to trigger the codec conve... | Article | 3

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