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Weekend Review: Zenses

2127 days 15 hours ago - Lynxara writes: "So, obviously, I can't recommend Zenses: Rainforest. That leaves Zenses: Ocean... and to be honest, it's not bad at all.... | Review | 5


Virtual Console: Space Invaders, Forgotten Worlds

2127 days 15 hours ago - Lynxara writes: "Taito really, really wants people to know that they're the company that brought you Space Invaders. I had not imagined t... | Article | 11


Weekend Rant: Square-Enix, Your Branding Sucks

2135 days 3 hours ago - Lynxara writes: "There was a lot of news about Square-Enix's Wii and DS lines of products yesterday, and for the most part I was glad to... | Article | 11


Do You Remember Nintendo's Popeye Game?

2136 days 3 hours ago - Lynxara writes: "While I've been boning up on Nintendo obscurities like the totally awesome Devil World and Mole Mania lately, I totally,... | Video | 11


Destiny (PS4) Review

Now - Bungie’s next series is here, but how does it stack up? | Promoted post

OMG Nintendo: Tomb Raider: Underworld Wii Impressions

2158 days 4 hours ago - Last week OMG Nintendo was in San Francisco doing a round of press junkets, and one of the events they were able to attend was for Eidos's upcoming... | Preview | 3


OMG Nintendo: Tomb Raider: Underworld DS Impressions

2158 days 4 hours ago - OMG Nintendo: "One of the biggest surprises I found upon hitting Eidos was when PR started talking up the DS version of Underworld to me. One... | Preview | 5


OMG Nintendo: World of Goo Impressions

2165 days 22 hours ago - OMG Nintendo writes: "I don't think anyone saw this coming. A title released by a brand new developer about goo has turned out to be one of th... | Preview | 3


Top Ten All-Time Best Nintendo Levels

2195 days 18 hours ago - OMG Nintendo: "There's a lot of talk about story and plot in video games these days, which frankly baffles me. I mean, I like RPGs, but I stil... | Article | 11


Fatal Frame IV Ships With Crippling Bugs

2235 days 5 hours ago - A lot of impatient folk imported Fatal Frame IV when it came out in Japan this week, rather than wait around for someone to announce a US ship date... | News | 3


The 8 Worst Nintendo Game Characters Ever

2236 days 3 hours ago - "Some characters work, and some don't. When a character that doesn't work keeps hanging around a story, and especially a vide... | Article | 11


The 9 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games for DS

2240 days 10 hours ago - Here's a collection of what OMG Nintendo think are probably the nine best turn-based strategy games (defined broadly) that you can play on you DS.... | Article | 5


Nintendo DS: Best System Ever?

2364 days 12 hours ago - A side-effect of the console war mentality on gamers is that everyone's expected, on some level, to identify with a system as a particular favorite... | Article | 5,11


Is Wii Fit for Gamers or Fat, Out-of-Shape People??

2372 days 4 hours ago - Isn't it strange, how Mario Kart Wii is quietly shuffling out between Brawl and Wii Fit? Shouldn't it be a bigger deal? Either Mario Kart Wii is a... | Preview | 3


Wii are Mature

2381 days 12 hours ago - What comes to mind when you think of the Nintendo Wii? Is it the gentle, starlit landscapes of Super Mario Galaxy? Grandma and the kids, all gather... | Article | 3


Bottom Five: 2007's Worst Wii Games, Definitive Edition

2444 days 4 hours ago - Sardius of,writes : "The biggest problem with any "worst of" list lies in its writer's lack of personal experie... | Article | 3,11


Sixteen Virtual Console Downloads You Can't Live Without

2452 days 6 hours ago - Via So just for laughs, the 16 best Virtual Console games released during the Wii's lifespan thus far. Unfortunately, our bia... | Article | 3

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