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Play Supported PS3 Games On MAX 1080i or 1080p Resolution |

1138 days 22 hours ago - Today Jorge "Social Gamer" Murphy is going to share a little tip for Playstation 3 gamers. | Videocast | PS3


Retro G.P. Featuring Magical Chase On The TurboGrafX-16 |

1188 days 2 hours ago - The TurboGrafX-16 was short lived when compared to the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo, but, what the Turbo lacked in presence and popularity it ma... | Videocast | Retro


Retro G.P. Featuring Action Fighter On The Sega Master System |

1190 days 14 hours ago - This is the first level of the SMS game Action Fighter. This was a very challenging game with some resemblance to the Arcade classic game Spy Hunte... | Videocast | Retro


Indie News: Spoing Now Available For Your iDevice From Games2Be |

1215 days 2 hours ago - Spoing is finally available for the iPhone and iPad! After its initial release on Facebook, Spoing on iOS has a twisted story, cute characters, 3... | News | iPhone


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Lost INTROs: Golden Axe Warrior On The SEGA Master System | Old School Junkie

1221 days 1 hour ago - In today’s Lost INTROs, Jorge Murphy heads down the lost path of the SEGA Master System. Even though the SMS didn’t have as a robust library of gam... | Videocast | Retro


PC Game Capture Software From ROXIO – Is This The Right Choice For You? Read Our Detailed Review

1222 days 14 hours ago - Jorge Murphy the Editor In Chief over at has a review for you. Today Jorge goes over the brand new ROXIO software product for t... | Review | PC


Lost INTROs “PC Edition” – Featuring Dragon Sphere On Windows 95/DOS

1228 days 4 hours ago - This special PC Edition of our fan favorite Lost INTROs vidcast...Social Gamer delves into the days of Windows 95/DOS gaming. Visuals that blew you... | Videocast | PC


Retro G.P. – Game Play Of Shining Force CD On The SEGA CD

1229 days 16 hours ago - This is a beautiful HD quality video of approximately a half hour of game play for first chapter in this classic SEGA CD RPG... Shining Force CD. G... | Videocast | Retro


Lost INTROs: Featuring Shining Force On The SEGA CD

1231 days 4 hours ago - This classic RPG on the SEGA Genesis CD peripheral should not be missed if your a SEGA CD owner. Look for it and get it. The story is deep and the... | Videocast | Retro


Lost INTROs: Featuring The Faery Tale Adventure On The Sega Genesis

1231 days 21 hours ago - Today’s Lost INTROs vidcast is of an odd and not regularly talked about classic role playing game. No game play in this vidcast but within minutes... | Videocast | Retro


Retro G.P. – Game Play of Ground Zero On The SEGA CD

1232 days 16 hours ago - Today’s Retro G.P. vidcast consists of a rarely talked about classic FMV title for the short lived SEGA CD console attachment. But, Jorge "Social G... | Videocast | Retro


Retro G.P. - Game Play Of Super Mario Bros. On The NES

1236 days 12 hours ago - In this inaugural vidcast from Old School Junkie, the website owner wanted to create a more streamlined and cleaner way to present it's community w... | Videocast | Retro


Lost INTROs: Featuring Blackthorne On The SEGA 32X

1238 days 20 hours ago - Today's Vidcast is yet another Blackthorne special. This time Jorge looks at the Lost INTROs for Blackthorne on the SEGA 32X... | Videocast | Retro


Lost INTROs: Featuring BlackThorne On The Super Nintendo Entertainment System

1242 days 4 hours ago - Today on Old School Junkie, Jorge "Social Gamer" Murphy shows you the introduction cinematic to one of his favorite platform titles on the SNES, Bl... | Videocast | Retro


Lost INTROs: Featuring Fade To Black On The Playstation Original

1246 days 7 hours ago - Today’s Lost INTROs vidcast is a first to feature voice commentary and will be replacing the standard written portion of these Old School Junkie vi... | Videocast | PS3


Headcase Games – Ron Alpert Talks With Jorge Murphy About One Eighty On Android, iOS And Beyond

1249 days 1 hour ago - This morning Jorge Murphy from has a special treat for your weekend read. The head man in charge over at Headcase Games, Ron Al... | Interview | iPhone


Indie News: Headcase Games, iOS Smash Hit “180″ Hits The Android Marketplace

1252 days 15 hours ago - Headcase Games has just launched the smash iOS hit “180″, a very addictive and perfect for mobile game app from indie developer Ron Alpert. Old Sch... | News | Android


First Round: Zaxxon’s Mothership 2000 On 32X – Rare Zaxxon Game That’s A Bit Different

1253 days 7 hours ago - When Jorge Murphy (Social Gamer) first saw Zaxxon’s Mothership 2000 over at the local retro shop, Jorge was like What Is This? Jorge knew of the or... | Videocast | Retro


First Round Altered Beast The Arcade Version

1255 days 8 hours ago - One of the best looking arcade games was non other than Altered Beast. Jorge Murphy talks about the fond memories of playing this side scrolling ac... | Videocast | Retro


First Round: House Of The Dead On The SEGA Saturn (Gun Game)

1258 days 21 hours ago - The original House of the Dead for the Sega Saturn was one of the first times that the home console gamer got a true to the arcade port of a gun pe... | Videocast | Retro


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post
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