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Wooden Sen'Sey (Wii U eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

1 day 12 hours ago - "Wooden Sen'Sey is just another 2D side-scrolling platform title on a console full of games of the same genre that just isn't very good thanks to i... | Review | Wii U


Wii Sports Club (Wii U) Review | Nintendo Feed

5 days 12 hours ago - "Whilst we really appreciate that Nintendo have chosen to add new HD graphics and online multiplayer into the mix, we can't quite see how that warr... | Review | Wii U


LEGO The Hobbit (Wii U) Review | Nintendo Feed

6 days 20 hours ago - "LEGO: The Hobbit isn't a bad game, but it's not a great one either. It features the same solid Lego gameplay that you know and love, but isn't big... | Review | Wii U


Games We're Playing This Weekend (8/8/14)

11 days 9 hours ago - Well hello sunny August weekends, in fact, the first one of 2014. Inbetween soaking up the summer sun, the Nintendo Feed team will also be squeezin... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Win a Titan One from N4G and ConsoleTuner!

Now - We're giving away three Titan Ones from ConsoleTuner (original inventors of the Cronus and CronusMAX)! The Titan One device makes modded controller... | Promoted post

Nintendo Feed's First Thoughts on Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

11 days 15 hours ago - Nintendo Feed had chance to go hands on and preview the Wii U's biggest upcoming third party release of this year in the form of SEGA's Bayonetta 2... | Preview | Wii U


Mario Kart 8 Launch Impressions: Steven Hopper (Zen Studios)

12 days 22 hours ago - Nintendo Feed today has chance to sit down with Zen Studios' Steven Hopper to discuss his very thoughts surrounding the high profile launch of Mari... | Interview | Wii U


Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

16 days 10 hours ago - "Siesta Fiesta is a decent eShop title that plays like Breakout and it's many clones but manages to differentiate itself through it's charming aest... | Review | 3DS


Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (3DS) Review | Nintendo Feed

20 days 10 hours ago - "Conception II isn't necessarily a bad game. It's hampered by it's own design choices and ridiculous approach. If you're willing to overlook some... | Review | 3DS


Disney Magical World Launches Across Europe on 24th October

20 days 17 hours ago - North American gamers were treated to a tasty Disney themed gaming treat earlier this year in the form of Disney Magical World, whilst European Dis... | News | 3DS


Nintendo Feed Podcast: July 2014

34 days 7 hours ago - With Nintendo fans across the world hitting the big games drought of summer 2014, the Nintendo Feed team sets out once again to give some light to... | Podcast | Wii U


Squids Odyssey (3DS eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

36 days 11 hours ago - "Squids Odyssey is a decent eShop title that leaves a lot to be desired. I recommend this game if you like RPGs or strategy games and have a couple... | Review | 3DS


Games We're Playing This Weekend (11/7/14)

39 days 21 hours ago - We're well into the depths of July now and with Nintendo's great games drought of the summer well under way, let's take a look at what the Nintendo... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Wii U eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

41 days 9 hours ago - "Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship is an excellent offering to the Wii U eShop and fans of the genre should not miss it." - Nintendo Feed | Review | Wii U


Mario Kart 8 Launch Impressions: Jools Watsham (Renegade Kid)

41 days 20 hours ago - Continuing in Nintendo Feed's Mario Kart 8 Launch Impressions series, this time, we sit down with well loved indie developer, Jools Watsham to gaug... | Interview | Wii U


Armillo (Wii U eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

42 days 22 hours ago - "Armillo is similar to many games, yet it isn't identical to any of the games it draws inspiration from. Although Armillo isn't the most original g... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo Feed's Scott Everly's Trip to the Nintendo World Store in New York

43 days 10 hours ago - Following Nintendo's big showing at E3 this year, Nintendo Feed's Scott Everly headed over to the Nintendo World Store in New York to see what the... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Evil Controllers Mario Inspired Wii U Pro Controller Review

49 days 8 hours ago - "We already know that Nintendo's Wii U Pro Controller is one of the best control options out there on the market, however, what Evil Controllers ha... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo UK's Post-E3 Event Coverage

49 days 15 hours ago - Hot off the heels of Nintendo's showing at E3 2014, Nintendo Feed's Anna Williams headed down to London to explore some of these titles at Nintendo... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

51 days 8 hours ago - "Shovel Knight is a must have Wii U title. It immediately pulls you in with its simplistic, yet wonderfully crafted design, and has the longevity... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo Feed Podcast: June 2014 | E3 2014 Hands On, Pokémon Art Academy and more...

52 days 15 hours ago - With the big month of June over and E3 2014 having come to a closure, Nintendo Feed set out in this month's podcast to discuss all the things from... | Podcast | Wii U


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