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Hektor Review (NGN)

2 days 9 hours ago - New Game Network: "Worse than being trapped in a broken maze" | Review | PC


Bloodborne Review | NGN

14 days 20 hours ago - NGN: Chances are, you might already know if Bloodborne is the sort of game you'd enjoy. Created by the team at From Software, their latest release... | Review | PS4


Battlefield Hardline Review [NGN]

17 days 21 hours ago - New Game Network: "An infantry focused spinoff that fruitfully exploits carjacking, aggravated robbery and mayhem" | Review | PC


Helldivers Review | NGN

22 days 2 hours ago - NGN: I first saw Helldivers at a Sony PAX Prime Indie party back in 2013. Eager to play anything on the then-unreleased system, I picked up Helldi... | Review | PS3


Bloodborne (PS4) Review

Now - Ken steps into the world of Bloodborne, prepared to die. | Promoted post

Ori and the Blind Forest Review | NGN

25 days 23 hours ago - NGN: You know how it is, right, reader? We're not the sort to be easily swayed by pretty graphics, no sir. We're immune to the gaudy spectacles th... | Review | PC


The Witcher 3 Preview - PAX East 2015 | NGN

26 days 2 hours ago - NGN: The opening scene starts with Geralt soaking in a wooden bathtub. It’s quiet, serene, and soft - an all-too rare moment of peace for the Whit... | Preview | PC


Hotline Miami 2 Review [NGN]

35 days 4 hours ago - New Game Network: "Only saved by its incredible style and often intriguing storylines, Hotline Miami 2 is riddled with poor design choices, gamepla... | Review | PC


White Night Review [NGN]

39 days 2 hours ago - New Game Network: "Purposeful darkness that is most illuminating" | Review | PC


The Witcher 3 Interview - PAX East 2015

40 days 20 hours ago - This past weekend at PAX East, New Game Network got the opportunity to sit down with a member of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's extensive development t... | Interview | PC


Hot Tin Roof Review | NGN

47 days ago - NGN: Of the innumerable dangerous professions that fiction twists, it's hard to think of one viewed through a goofier lens than the private-eye. W... | Review | PC


Aaru's Awakening Review | NGN

47 days ago - NGN: As Triple-A budget games become more and more expensive to produce with each passing year, they must seek to appeal to an increasingly genera... | Review | PC


ScreamRide Review [NGN]

48 days 2 hours ago - New Game Network: "ScreamRide's fun is fleeting as the collection of mini-game physics puzzles recycles its material." | Review | Xbox One


The Order: 1886 Review | New Game Network

60 days 2 hours ago - NGN: With many franchises shifting focus to include (or consist entirely of) multiplayer, the art of telling engaging, memorable stories in games... | Review | PS4


#IDARB Review | NGNW

71 days 14 hours ago - NGNW: #IDARB (also known as “It Draws A Red Box”) is the latest game to release under the ID@Xbox program, letting small developers share the spot... | Review | Xbox One


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Review | NGNW

71 days 14 hours ago - NGNW: There's a bit in the Terry Pratchett novel 'Making Money' where a bemused main character, struggling to come to terms with a deceased banker... | Review | PC


Dying Light Review | NGNW

71 days 14 hours ago - NGNW: It might be safe to say the zombie genre is stuck in a rut. Over the last five years, we have seen a myriad of games starring the undead, fo... | Review | PC


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review | New Game Network

103 days 7 hours ago - New Game Network: To most other companies, an idea like Captain Toad would likely be constrained to a smaller downloadable game or left on the cutt... | Review | Wii U


Project Spark Review - Newgamenetwork

118 days 20 hours ago - NGNW: "When LittleBigPlanet originally debuted on the Playstation 3 in 2009, it introduced this previously unseen concept of giving players around... | Review | PC


Wings of Vi Review - Newgamenetwork

118 days 21 hours ago - NGNW: "Explaining the appeal of playing I Wanna Be The Boshy is always a teensy bit tricky. Sure, as a spectator to the offensively unfair fan-gam... | Review | PC


Game of Thrones - Episode 1 Review | Newgamenetwork

118 days 22 hours ago - NGNW: "Game of Thrones means many things to many different people. There are the hardcore fantasy nerds who have been reading the books long befor... | Review | PC


Toukiden Kiwami (PS4) Review

Now - Drew slays plenty of demons in his latest review. | Promoted post
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