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Dark Souls 2 NerdKO review: A Game for the Masochists

28 days 6 hours ago - Lady Devann of NerdKO talks about and reviews Dark Souls 2 | Review | Xbox 360


Is Fusion Nintendo’s next console? Thoughts

84 days 2 hours ago - Recently the rumor of a new Nintendo console in development has hit the gaming world and raised some eyebrows. This news of course, is from an unf... | Opinion piece | Culture


Collecting Regret

102 days 4 hours ago - As a guy who has become much more of a game collector in recent years, Rob McCallum of has found himself confronted with a sort of regre... | Opinion piece | Culture


Video Games, Violence, Bad Parents, and the ESRB

120 days 9 hours ago - In the light of recent events involving violent crimes and the scapegoats attached to them, Muzz from NerdKO shot a video in which he speaks on thi... | Videocast | Culture


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

World 1-1: Behind the scenes of the NES Club Documentary

124 days 23 hours ago - As a filmmaker, it’s Rob McCallum's job to observe and have critical opinions on everything. The movies he makes, comment on and speak to a particu... | Article | Culture


So, What’s a “Gamer”?

124 days 23 hours ago - Of all the debates in the game world, there’s none that gathers more opinion than then definition of what it means to be a “gamer.” this article... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Hidden World: Video Game Store Environments

125 days 13 hours ago - Traveling across the country in search of great retro games, you come into contact with a lot of great people but you also discover some unique sto... | Article | Culture


NerdKO 12: Halloween Special. Our favorite scary and gory video games.

167 days 4 hours ago - In this episode, NerdKO's Muzz and Josh talk about some of their favorite scary video games as well as their favorite gory video games that offer u... | Videocast | Culture


nerdko 11: Next Gen Predictions, Comics that need good games

174 days 1 hour ago - NerdKO is back from summer break and episode 11 is here for your enjoyment! Fist off, Josh and Muzz start with some Next Gen Predictions. We all h... | Videocast | Culture


NerdKO: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Review

183 days 1 hour ago - The Angry Video Game Nerd is a character from the popular video series of the same name; and, now with a game based upon him finally released, the... | Review | PC


The 16-Bit Bar+Arcade opens in Columbus Ohio

225 days ago - Recently, NerdKO had the opportunity to check out a pre opening party at the 16-Bit Bar+Arcade. A new, independently owned, Barcade, located at 254... | Article | Arcade


The Game Duo Volume 1: Dark Souls 2 and The Elder scrolls Online

249 days 11 hours ago - It’s hard to decide what games to look forward to with so many coming out and the holiday season fast approaching. (Yes, it IS time to start thinki... | Article | PC


NerdKO Episode 10: The Best games of the 7th Gen and Video game attachments

252 days 5 hours ago - In this super special, extra long, 10th episode Of NerdKO: After much thought and some serious debate, Muzz and Josh talk about their favorite Gam... | Videocast | Wii


NerdKO Episode 9: Microsoft's reversal, Good Video Game Movies, Last of us thoughts

267 days 1 hour ago - In this episode of NerdKO, Josh and Muzz talk about the big Microsoft reversal on used game, DRM, and online connectivity policies. They talk abo... | Video | PS3


NerdKO visits Cleveland’s Classic Console, Arcade, and Gaming Show

287 days 18 hours ago - Every year, video game vendors travel to northern Ohio for a small show that packs in great proportions of video game history. These vendors share... | Video | Culture


Xbox One: An Xbox fan’s thoughts on Microsoft’s flip flop

298 days 10 hours ago - It has been about 2 days since Microsoft made the announcement that they will be removing all internet connectivity requirements and DRM from their... | Video | Xbox One


NerdKO Episode 7: Best Games where YOU’RE the bad guy, Bad Video game movies, and more

301 days 6 hours ago - In this episode of NerdKO, Muzz, Sleazy, and Josh cover Their favorite video games where YOU play as the bad guy. There are a lot of games that giv... | Video | Culture


NeGcon and UltraRacer controllers used for EVERY Dual Shock Playstation racing game ever made

305 days 11 hours ago - The year was 1995 and many of us remember when the world of video games was dramatically changing with the advent of faster frame rates, 3D perspe... | Article | PS2


Steven X presents: Alternate Intros Part 1, Lunar

312 days 12 hours ago - In this series Steven X of NerdKO be taking a look at video games that have had remakes with different intros, or re releases with new intros. In t... | Video | Culture


Five Life Lessons As Taught By Skyrim

319 days 10 hours ago - We learn life lessons in many ways. Whether its through school, church, family members, or the hard way by making the mistakes ourselves. These lif... | Article | Culture


Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS) Review

Now - Dave solves the latest Layton title for 3DS. | Promoted post
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