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Paradox Review: After Burner Climax (360/PS3)

2043 days 11 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Originally released in the arcades back in 2006, Sega's After Burner Climax was the fourth game in the popular Aft... | Review | 1,2


The Top Ten Sega IP's that need a revival

2078 days 7 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Perhaps more than any other major player in videogames industry, SEGA has a huge catalogue of unique and popular I... | Article | 7,11


Paradox Review: Sonic & Sega All Star Racing

2086 days 21 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "It's often said you said never judge anything by its cover, but in the case of Sonic and Sega All Star Racing, tha... | Review | 1,2,3,12


Paradox Review: Little Big Planet (PSP)

2178 days 8 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Little Big Planet is one of the PS3's heavy hitting exclusives; a platform game which genuinely broke new ground... | Review | 4


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

2010: The Top Ten Games You Should Care About

2196 days 10 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Now that the behemoth that is Modern Warfare 2 has been released to the masses and 2009 begins to draw to a close in te... | Article | 1, 2, 12


Left 2 Rot? Will Left 4 Dead really die?

2198 days ago - Excerpt from article: "Left 4 Dead 2 is now finally with us and it looks as though the mass exodus from the original game has begun in ea... | Article | 2,11,12


European Bayonetta Special Edition Unveiled

2206 days 11 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "SEGA have unveiled their Special Edition version of Bayonetta for Europe. It will come presented in a special slip... | News | 1,2,11


Sony Europe: Is there anybody there?

2207 days 14 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "I'm truly beginning to wonder exactly who is staffing the offices at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe but I do have o... | Article | 1, 4


Paradox Review: Shattered Horizon (PC)

2210 days ago - Excerpt from article: "Shattered Horizon is the first game to be released from the Finnish Futuremark Games Studios. If the name sounds famili... | Review | 11,12


Paradox Review: Zombie Tycoon (PSP Mini's).

2214 days 14 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "For the last few years Zombies have been looking to become video gaming's biggest fad; firmly taking the 'done to death... | Review | 4


Drake can't beat Master Chief; but PS3 can win the format war.

2221 days 7 hours ago - Excerpt's from article: "There's no question that since I last evaluated the Playstation 3 that Sony has made superb progress in raising... | Article | 1,2,3,11


Paradox Review: Thexder Neo (PSP)

2224 days 8 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Thexder Neo is a remake of a classic 80's side scrolling action shooter developed by Game Arts. Originally release... | Review | 4,6,11


Plants Vs Zombies Halloween Spooktacular

2225 days 6 hours ago - "Popcap have just added a Spooktacular Halloween promotion to their Plants Vs Zombies website. The Zombies want you to celebrate Halloween wit... | News | 2,11,12


Modern Warfare 2: All your base are belong to us.

2228 days 2 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "To a very small extent I can see why Infinity Ward would want to go down this route, especially from a financial point... | Article | 11,12


Paradox Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3).

2232 days 6 hours ago - GeoffreyP writes "So many perfect scores for a game are kind of daunting when trying to write a review that lives up to the game itself. It's... | Review | 1


Uncharted 2: Is it overhyped?

2232 days 16 hours ago - Paradox explores whether Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the subject of too much hype. "As the first level loaded in I was absolutely brimm... | Article | 1,11


New G-Revolution Shmup announced.

2235 days 7 hours ago - "Shmup developer G-Revolution has announced they have a new shooter in development, SeisouKouki Strania." | News | 7,11

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