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Next-Gen: Xbox 720 Will Be More Powerful Than PS4 - Report

588 days 2 hours ago - The next-gen console wars kicks off early as insider claims the Xbox 720 will outperform the PS4 quite considerably. | Rumor | Next-Gen


Wii2 details leaked. A user interaction example.

1272 days ago - Misterxmedia writes: "Today i spoke with my reliable source and knew new details about Wii2. Wii2 will have a mobile projector build in at wii-remo... | Rumor | Wii


Kinect needs to be re-calibrated if you experience lags

1392 days ago - Many reports from the web say Kinect have lag. But acсording to my friend who is s developer this can be solved just by recalibrating the device in... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360

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