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MG Review: Scrapbook Paige

2001 days 19 hours ago - Scrapbook Paige begins with the store clerk (you) searching for embellishments in Paige's scrapbook shop. Each item (rubber stamps, stickers, cutou... | Review | 12

MG Review: Jigsaw Puzzle Player – Paintings

2001 days 19 hours ago - Jigsaw Puzzle Player – Paintings is similar to JPP – Small Paintings except with more pieces to each famous classical pictures. The average number... | Review | 12


MG Review: Tasty Planet

2001 days 19 hours ago - What's not to like about being the ultimate doom for humanity by being a cute blob? Tasty Planet takes on hit series Katamari with this loveable sc... | Review | 12


MG Review: RollerRush

2001 days 19 hours ago - MG writes: "To keep with my theme of food, I recently played the game RollerRush. In this game, you are a girl who works at a 50s style diner... | Review | 12


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