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Scribblenauts Unlimited Delayed Till 2013 in EU/UK Territories, Not in Australia/New Zealand

828 days 20 hours ago - Level Up Times: 'A strange delay means that ANZ territories get the game, while European ones will have to wait till next year.' | News | PC


Level Up Times Review: Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PC)

848 days 19 hours ago - Level Up Times' Adrian gets in the thick of war and reviews Medal of Honor: Warfighter on the PC. | Review | PC


Battlefield 3 Players Petition Against August Premium Content “Drop”

916 days 15 hours ago - Level Up Times' Adrian Vergara: "Players not happy with the extras DICE are providing." | News | PC


Level Up Times Review: Lollipop Chainsaw (X360/PS3)

970 days 1 hour ago - Level Up Times' Debs plays the game everyone's dying not to and tells you what it's like. | Review | Xbox 360


Warner Bros. Unveils The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine”

Now - The official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine” - has been unveiled by Warner Bros. | Promoted post

Level Up Times: E3 2012 Preview: Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Multiplayer

995 days 13 hours ago - "Level Up Times' E3 2012 hands-on coverage kicks off with the first game played in EA’s media-exclusive booth tour. This is the multiplayer compone... | Preview | E3


Minecraft Review | Level Up Times

1005 days 22 hours ago - Level Up Times' Adrian jumps back into the world of blocks and gives you his opinion. | Review | Xbox 360


Level Up Times Review: Armored Core V (PS3/X360)

1031 days 11 hours ago - Level Up Times' Debs tries piloting some heavy metal in Namco Bandai's mech title, Armored Core V. | Review | Xbox 360


Level Up Times Preview: Max Payne 3 Multiplayer (X360/PS3/PC)

1051 days 20 hours ago - Level Up Times' Adrian has some multiplayer fun with Rockstar's upcoming title, Max Payne 3. | Preview | PC


Zynga, Draw Something and the State of Gaming

1053 days 23 hours ago - Level Up Times' Adam takes a close look at the state of gaming in popular OMGPOP mobile game, Draw Something, and how Zynga will change its directi... | Opinion piece | Mobile


Level Up Times Review: SSX (X360/PS3)

1060 days 22 hours ago - Get ahead before snow season officially starts with Electronic Arts’ reboot of popular snowboarding game, SSX. | Review | Xbox 360


Level Up Times Review: Shank 2 (PC/XBLA/PSN)

1086 days 15 hours ago - Level Up Times' editor Debs gets hacking, slashing and dodging with Shank 2 in her review. | Review | PC


Level Up Times Preview: SSX (X360/PS3)

1116 days 10 hours ago - Level Up Times' Debs: "Does EA make this the season for snowboarding in the next SSX release?" | Preview | Xbox 360


Former Zynga Employee Speaks Out

1118 days ago - Debs, Level Up Times: "Thanks to Reddit, a former Zynga Employee tells all about his experience working at the casual game-making giant." | News | Casual games


Level Up Times LIVE Game of the Year Awards

1155 days 19 hours ago - It's that time of the year again! The Level Up Times Game of the Year awards are starting this year bigger and better than ever. How will we do tha... | Videocast | PC


Minecraft: Now Out! Check Out What’s In This Final Version

1195 days 13 hours ago - In this episode of Level Up Times Plays, Level Up Times' editors Josh and Adrian walk through all the new items that you'll encounter as you play t... | Videocast | PC


Level Up Times Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (X360/PS3/PC)

1227 days 1 hour ago - Level Up Times' Kieran laces up his boots and gets on the field with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. | Review | PC


Level Up Times Review: Gears of War 3 (X360)

1227 days 20 hours ago - Level Up Times' Kieran busts out his chainsaw on this, the finale of the Gears of War trilogy. | Review | Xbox 360


Level Up Times Interview: Lars Gustavsson, DICE

1230 days 3 hours ago - Level Up Times: "We go for a one-on-one with Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director at DICE. We reveal boats in multiplayer! Also, what did DICE learn... | Interview | PC


Level Up Times: Any Questions for Lars Gustavsson?

1232 days 2 hours ago - The Level Up Times: "Later on tonight – in about five hours – we'll be interviewing DICE's Creative Director and Lead Designer on Battlefield 3, La... | Interview | PC


Starfox 64 3DS Given an Aussie Release Date

1323 days 11 hours ago - Level Up Times: "Get ready to do a 3D barrel roll down-under!" | News | 3DS


N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post
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