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Laptop Mag: MSI X600 Review

1813 days 4 hours ago - The MSI X600 is the 15.6-inch entry in the company's X-Slim series of super svelte notebooks. Like the X340 did for 13-inch laptops, the X600 ($799... | Review | 14

LaptopMag: Linksys by Cisco Media Hub (NMH405)

1816 days 2 hours ago - LaptopMag: Thanks to the Gigabit Ethernet port and fast hard drive in the Media Hub, streaming quality was excellent. With the Media Hub connected... | Review | 14

LaptopMag: Dell Latitude 2100 Review

1892 days 11 hours ago - LaptopMag: "While Dell's newest netbook, the Latitude 2100, has the same Intel Atom processor, RAM, and operating system as its Inspiron Mini... | Review | 14


Laptop Mag: Samsung N110 Review

1952 days 3 hours ago - Laptop Mag: "The Samsung NC10 rose to the top of our favorite-netbooks list when it first hit the market in October 2008, and despite some str... | Review | 14


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Laptopmag: Lenovo IdeaPad S10e Review

1998 days 13 hours ago - Laptopmag: "The Lenovo IdeaPad S10e (starting at $379) is a good netbook that combines an attractive design and relatively fast hard driv... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: MSI Wind U120 Review

2004 days 5 hours ago - CM writes: "MSI skyrocketed to the top of the mini-notebook field last June when netbooks with 10-inch displays were rare and when no other ne... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: ZT Systems Affinity N4004i-17 Review

2005 days 13 hours ago - Laptopmag: "The ZT Systems Affinity N4004i-17 has a few things going for it: good performance, a number pad, and long battery life (with... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: Samsung Eternity Review

2005 days 18 hours ago - Laptopmag: "For the same price the $149 LG Vu offers similar features, including Mobile TV, in a design that's a bit lighter and less bul... | Review | 6


Laptopmag: BlackBerry Curve 8900 (T-Mobile) Review

2005 days 20 hours ago - Laptopmag: "If speed is essential to you, the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T runs on a faster 3G network-but it is bulkier and costs $100 mo... | Review | 6


Laptopmag: Gateway UC Series (UC7807u) Review

2007 days 19 hours ago - Laptopmag: "If style, portability, and a low price are all priorities, you can't do much better than the Gateway UC7807u. Assuming you ca... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: Windows 7 (Beta) Review

2013 days 4 hours ago - Laptopmag Writes: "In using Windows 7 as our primary platform for several days, we couldn't tell we were using a beta operating system, a... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Review

2017 days 22 hours ago - Laptopmag: "Many of Photoshop CS4's advantages over CS3 seem incremental and unglamorous, unless they address, as they do for us, the way you... | Review | 14


Laptopmag: Samsung Omnia (Verizon Wireless) Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - The Samsung Omnia's value begins and ends with how capable you are at navigating Windows Mobile with your fingertips. From Mobile Office to Wi-Fi t... | Review | 6


Laptopmag: Cowon S9 (8GB) Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - The Cowon S9 is a very good portable media player for those who want stereo Bluetooth and a touchscreen interface, and can live without the glitz o... | Review | 6


Laptopmag: Pinger Phone Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - If you're constantly opening and closing your Twitter, Facebook, or IM client applications just to stay in touch with your friends, you'll apprecia... | Review | 6


Laptopmag: Microsoft Arc Mouse Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - The Microsoft Arc is a versatile pointing device for both desktop and mobile use. With only one side button that's hard to access, and no functions... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: Sprint Merlin EX720 ExpressCard Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - The Sprint Merlin EX720 won a speed test in just one location during a recent roundup, outside of Manhattan in suburban Long Island. It also loaded... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: AT&T Option GT Ultra Express Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - While the Option GT Ultra Express had some very fast upload and download speeds, the connection issues we had make it too iffy to recommend, even t... | Review | 12,14


Laptopmag: AT&T USBConnect Mercury Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - The AT&T USB Connect Mercury is the best option for those who frequently need to get images or videos up to FTP servers quickly. Its download s... | Review | 14

Laptopmag: Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox Review

2018 days 1 hour ago - Ultimately, the $39.99 Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox will be a tough sell for Pandora or Slacker diehards who revel in the ability able to cr... | Review | 12,14


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