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Modern Day Gaming Has Killed The Fighting Game

413 days 17 hours ago - As someone who grew up on games like Soul Calibur II, I have a decent amount of respect for fighting games and their place in gaming history...but... | Opinion piece | Industry


What Does It Mean That Wolfenstein’s Protagonist is Jewish?

421 days 8 hours ago - To be blunt, there’s more to the Holocaust than good guys and bad guys. There’s more to World War II than us and them, and amidst the million death... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Most Underrated Games of 2013

462 days 1 hour ago - Many of these titles are no stranger to gamers, however larger AAA titles or proverbial haters managed to keep them off several GOTY lists. This li... | Opinion piece | PC


This Is Where Your Sound Comes From: Talking With Composer Daniel Olsén

513 days 17 hours ago - Where does all the audio goodness in video games come from? To peek in the life of those who build our soundscapes and spend as much time listening... | Article | Culture


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Nine Video Game Tracks for the Gamer's Holiday Playlist

516 days ago - Steven's not the only gamer feeling that the same old Christmas music is overplayed to point of near-madness every December. Luckily, he has an eas... | Opinion piece | Culture


Documentary Series on the History of Gaming Looking for Kickstarter Funding

555 days 9 hours ago - A new documentary series on the history of video games is asking donors for $15,000 on Kickstarter to help fund the project. | News | Culture


"Extra Credits" Host James Portnow On the Uniqueness of Demo for "The Stanley Parable"

556 days 7 hours ago - James Portnow, host of the web series “Extra Credits,” said he loves the demo to recent indie hit "The Stanley Parable" despite arguing on an episo... | News | PC


What's it Like to be a Girl Gamer in Japan?

562 days 22 hours ago - I have several friends in Japan–one of them being a gamer by the name of Riyako Asuma. Here we discuss our experiences in the nerd culture as minor... | Interview | Culture


The Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 28 This Week

565 days 21 hours ago - October 18, 1985 goes down as the day that forever changed video gaming in North America. | Article | Retro


This Week in Video Gaming: Grand Theft Auto Online Still Works Better than Washington

576 days 9 hours ago - The Federal Government might not be open for business, but this weekly snark-filled ball of sarcastic video game headline rundowns is. | Article | PC


Should First-Person Shooters Follow the Geneva Conventions?

579 days 7 hours ago - The international humanitarian organization, The Red Cross, is asking game developers to follow international laws of war when developing war-theme... | Article | PC


Original Creator Michael Mendheim Takes To Kickstarter To Reboot Mutant League Football

590 days 8 hours ago - Mutant League Football took the world by brutal force when it launched on the Sega Genesis in 1993, spawning a TV show, a comic, a line of toys and... | Interview | PC


Former Bioshock Infinite Developer Goes Indie With Space Colonization Sim: RIMWORLD

591 days 12 hours ago - Developer Tynan Sylvester used to make mods for the Unreal Tournament series before he was scooped up to work on Ken Levine’s epic Bioshock Infinit... | Interview | PC


Women In The Military Speak about Their Portrayals In Video Games

593 days 9 hours ago - Twenty-three year old Ashley Shaffer is a decorated Marine, having served two tours over in Afghanistan before she was twenty-one. Twenty-seven yea... | Interview | Culture


River City Ransom Is Making a Comeback with New Sequel [Exclusive Images]

597 days 9 hours ago - Many consider it to be one of the top NES games of all time. And now a small game studio in Ottawa, Canada plans to make an officially-licensed seq... | News | PC


Explore An Untamed Planet In The Space Western, Third Person Shooter RPG "Exoplanet: First Contact"

599 days 2 hours ago - Described as a space western inspired by games like Morrowind, the Witcher and the early Gothic games, Exoplanet: First Contact is an ambitious pro... | News | PC


This month marks the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 2

600 days 13 hours ago - September 1988 saw the North American release of Super Mario Bros. 2… or at least what North America CALLED Super Mario Bros. 2. | Article | Retro


The Dimension-Jumping, Mega Man-Inspired 2D Platformer "Mutant Mudds" is Coming to Steam

611 days 12 hours ago - This amazing retro-styled 2D platformer was among the 100 new titles passed through Steam's Greenlight system yesterday. | News | PC


How the Wii U Allowed a Blind Girl to Play Video Games

612 days 2 hours ago - Jennifer Powers, a young girl who is nearly blind after being diagnosed with a brain injury at birth, can enjoy video games using the Wii U gamepad. | Article | Wii


Help a Young Girl Find Her Sanity And Find Out Who Killed Her Parents In The Drug Induced: FRAN BOW

614 days 15 hours ago - Described as a psychological thriller, Fran Bow is an interesting little puzzle adventure game from the Swedish company Killmonday. | News | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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