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Werewolf: The Last Warrior (NES) Review at

1385 days 21 hours ago - Nintendo Legend writes, "In 1990, a video game was published by Data East for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System console, developed by Takara,... | Review | Retro


Alien Syndrome (NES) Review at

1385 days 23 hours ago - Nintendo Legend writes, "There will always be a few common themes for video game titles. Medieval fantasy role-playing games, secret agent first-pe... | Review | Retro


The Adventures of Lolo for NES Review at

1401 days 7 hours ago - Eric Bailey writes, "Way back in 1988, Hal Laboratories, who would still be churning out quality titles in later decades, released a quirky little... | Review | Retro

10 Yard Fight for NES Review at

1401 days 10 hours ago - Eric Bailey writes, "The 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home video game console was known for, among many other things, some of its qual... | Review | Retro


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Madden 12 HD iPad Video at

1428 days 19 hours ago - Classic L337 guide viewers through the new Madden 12 game for iPad. | Video | iPad


Tokyo Beat Down Review at

1429 days 10 hours ago - Nestlekwik writes, "...Success tried its hand at the genre as it was in the 1990’s, developing Yajuu Keiji for the Japanese Nintendo DS. Not a publ... | Review | Nintendo DS


Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games at

1429 days 12 hours ago - Nestlekwik writes, "While on the surface, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games may seem to match up too close to the flocks of other mini-/event-base... | Review | Wii


J2Review: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters at

1508 days 14 hours ago - writes, "To most of the younger crowd, The Green Lantern is known as John Stewart, hence why they are so confused by the choice of Ryan... | Review | Xbox 360


Happy Ending?: Five of Worst Game Premises at

1605 days 22 hours ago - J2 writes, "Storytelling and video games don't always go hand-in-hand. It's a challenge for developers to work in a believable and functional story... | Article | Retro

J2Review: Dynaflex Powerball Gamer at

1605 days 22 hours ago - J2 writes, "The good folks at Dynaflex asked us to do a review on their newest item, the Powerball Gamer. For those who haven’t seen one of these... | Review | Culture


J2Review: Sonic 3D Blast for Sega Genesis at

1605 days 22 hours ago - J2 writes, "This title takes a totally different approach from the classic 2D platforming Sonic the Hedgehog games. It’s an experiment that was cer... | Review | Retro

J2Review: Killzone 3 (PS3) at

1606 days 9 hours ago - J2 writes, "Killzone continues to be the leftovers of popularized shooter franchises, introducing jetpacks post-Halo and ending on a space flight..... | Review | PS3

J2 REVIEW: X-Men Arcade (XBLA) at

1662 days 20 hours ago - J2Games writes, "At home, quarters are a non-issue with this Xbox Live Arcade port offering unlimited continues, so dying is almost a relief as you... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


J2Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) on

1703 days 4 hours ago - J2Games writes, "Its easy to provide the summary of what a game is about, but the tricky part is the experience. Having played the earlier DKC's o... | Review | Wii


J2Review: Failsafe (Atari 7800) at

1734 days 10 hours ago - J2G writes, "Hello, retro-heads! Return to the cold war, when game theory was all the rage, and the RAND corporation decided the best move was to a... | Article | Retro

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