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Sony struggles to meet Playstation Move Demand in Europe

1814 days 13 hours ago - The Sony Playstation Move motion controller is on the market since last month. In Europe the Move controller for the PS3 is apparently a big hit. A... | News | PS3


Sony Playstation Move launches Today in Germany

1847 days 16 hours ago - Sony is launching the Playstation Move already today in Germany. The United States release for the Sony Playstation Move is September 17th. Germany... | News | PS3


Blu-Ray 3D Exclusivity May Kill Format

1850 days 3 hours ago - I4U: Of the 25 Blu-ray 3D titles that are being manufactured and pressed this year, only six will be available on store shelves. And most of those... | Opinion piece | PS3


3D Halo Reach Demo Excites Gamers, Bungie Backtracks

1873 days 17 hours ago - The Internets lit up like a Christmas tree yesterday after news of a 3D demo of Halo: Reach being shown at the European Gamescom show was being pas... | Article | Xbox 360


Check What Wii U and 3DS Titles are Coming Out in October

Now - Nintendo has a handful of interesting titles on offer across Wii U and 3DS systems for the orange-tinged month of October. Here's some hot picks th... | Promoted post

How to buy the new White Sony PS3 Slim

1918 days 17 hours ago - - Sony announced today a white Sony PS3 slim with 160GB. The classic white CECH-2500A LW will go on sale end of July for about $340 in Ja... | News | PS3


Star Wars Kinect and Forza Kinect for Xbox 360 available for Pre-order

1934 days 13 hours ago - Microsoft unveiled last week at the E3 2010 the details about their controller free gaming system called Kinect. Microsoft also announced the initi... | News | Xbox 360


PS3 3D Update Confuses Gamers

1942 days 21 hours ago - So Sony released patches to a couple downloadable games, and released one game demo, making them all compatible with the new stereoscopic 3D format... | News | PS3


E3 2010 goes 3D

1943 days 12 hours ago - I4U news writes: The E3 2010 video game trade show is launching next week. The E3 2010 will be about motion controllers and 3D. Sony has enabled th... | News | Nintendo DS


I4U News: Split/Second for PS3 Review

1965 days 7 hours ago - Shane McGlaun of I4U News writes: "Anyone who has played Pure, developed by the same Black Rock Studios who made Split/Second, knows that the st... | Review | PS3


Microsoft Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive for $66 + Free Shipping

1972 days 20 hours ago - offers the Microsoft Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive for $69.99. Coupon code "MLC26713205135AL1" cuts it to $65.99. With free shipping, tha... | News | Xbox 360


pCubee 3D Interactive Display would be awesome for the Nintendo 3DS

2020 days 19 hours ago - The Nintendo 3DS will sport a auto-stereo 3D display. That is all we know. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a cool... | Article | 5,14


PS3 remote 19.99 on amazon

2122 days 13 hours ago - If you are sick of using the PS3 game controller to play Blu-ray movies on your console than now is a great chance to score the Sony Blu-ray remote... | News | 1


Walmart $298 HP Windows 7 Notebook Details Unveiled

2162 days 13 hours ago - I4U writes: "Walmart has now posted the full details of the HP 15.6" Pavilion G60-519WM Windows 7 notebook on their online store. The H... | Article | 12


Will Microsoft and Nintendo Respond to the PS3 Slim?

2237 days 20 hours ago - The gaming industry is in a slump. Sony's loaded their hopes for a rebound onto the back of the PS3 Slim, but what are Microsoft and Nintendo going... | Article | 1,2,3


Sony PS3 Slim Better Than Current PS3 In Several Ways

2238 days 3 hours ago - The new Sony PS3 Slim is not only more compact than the currently available PS3 console, but actually offers some more advantages. Sony has not act... | Article | 1,13,15


Project Natal: The Savior of Gaming?

2262 days 21 hours ago - I4U writes: "So what does this downturn mean for you, the humble gamer? Only good things. A steep dive in console sales is going to make manuf... | Article | 2,13


I4U: Global Agenda Producer Interview

2281 days ago - If you're a fan of MMOs or First Person Shooters, you might have heard about a little game called Global Agenda. It's a spy-thriller MMOFPS current... | Interview | 12


I4U: Jumpgate Evolution Producer Interview

2281 days 15 hours ago - Take Privateer, make it an MMO, add a dash of Eve and a dollop of WoW and you've got Jumpgate Evolution, a new massive online multiplayer game from... | Interview | 12


Michael Jackson now King of iTunes

2293 days ago - The King of Pop is now also the undisputed King of iTunes. After the sudden and sad death of Michael Jackson this week the top selling songs and to... | News | 14


The Future of 3D in Notebooks, HDTVs and Gaming

2305 days 6 hours ago - Acer is working on a new line of 3D capable netbooks. The game based around James Cameron's Avatar is set to be the first major video game built fo... | Interview | 12,13,15,14


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

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