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Bioware Giving Away All Promotional DLC For Dragon Age 1 & 2

969 days 10 hours ago - Fans of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II are getting some free loot. | News | PC


Happy 15th, QUAKE II

969 days 16 hours ago - Bethesda notes that today marks the 15th anniversary since Quake 2 was released on the PC | Article | PC


DayZ Standalone Dev Believes Console Port Will Happen

969 days 17 hours ago - DayZ Standalone developer Dean Hall has confirmed his hopes for a console port | News | PC


New Metal Gear Rising Screenshots

969 days 18 hours ago - New Metal Gear Rising screenshots | Screenshot | Xbox 360


Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Minecraft Xbox 360 Has Sold Close To 4.5 Million Copies

970 days 3 hours ago - Minecraft has officially sold 4,476,904 copies as of the end of the November period | News | Xbox 360


Far Cry 3 Co-Developer Working On AAA Next-Gen Online RPG

970 days 5 hours ago - Employee at Ubisoft’s Marc Cartwright lists his current job title as “Game designer on AAA next-gen online RPG”. | News | Industry


New Regency To Make ‘Splinter Cell’ With Tom Hardy

970 days 18 hours ago - Ubisoft and New Regency announced that they are partnering on the forthcoming Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell film. | News | Culture


Unreal Engine 3 Licensed For US Military Simulation

970 days 18 hours ago - IPKeys Technologies – a key IT and software supplier to the military – has licensed Unreal Engine 3 | News | Industry


Lay-Offs And Cancelled Beta Phase At End Of Nations Studio Petroglyph

971 days 1 hour ago - 30 developers have been laid off at End of Nations developer Petroglyph,The studio unexpectedly cancelled its End of Nations beta phase. | News | PC


EVE Online 18th Expansion Finally Given Permission To Launch

971 days 6 hours ago - CCP Games, one of the world’s leading independent game studios and creator of the award-winning massively-multiplayer online game EVE Online, has d... | News | PC


MechWarrior Online New Content For Big Robot Combat Title Unleashed

971 days 10 hours ago - Piranha Games today launched key competitive gameplay advancements for the ultimate Mech simulator, MechWarrior Online with 8v8 custom group Match... | News | PC


Ragnarok Odyssey New Screens

971 days 11 hours ago - Ragnarok Odyssey New Screenshots | Screenshot | PS Vita


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Coming To PS3, PS Vita

971 days 15 hours ago - One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Coming To PS3, PS Vita | News | PS3


Battlefield 3 Server Update Now Available On PC, Lets You Tweak Gun Master Weapon Progression

971 days 19 hours ago - A new server update rolled out last week for consoles and this morning for PC. Changes include the ability to tailor Gun Master mode to your liking... | News | PC


Absolute Force Online Chief Designer Yazhong Wang Shares His Thoughts On Many Key Game Features

971 days 19 hours ago - Absolute Force Online successfully launched closed beta a few weeks ago. This MMOFPS has caught the eyes of players all over the world. Since the l... | Article | PC


Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’44 West Arrives At The Front

971 days 21 hours ago - A new front has opened in the west against the German Wehrmacht! With the Allies landing in Normandy and the Wehrmacht busy fighting a defensive ba... | News | PC


Pokemon 3D A fan made a fan-made Pokemon game with first-person graphics

971 days 22 hours ago - Pokémon3D is a recreation of the old Pokémon games Gold/Silver by Nintendo/GameFreak | News | PC


Iron Front Liberation 1944 Four Invasion-Tastic Screenshots

972 days 6 hours ago - New screenshots for IFL 1944. The Allied Forces are ready to advance in Iron Front D-Day as Deep Silver today presents the American units from the... | Screenshot | PC


Diablo 3 Player Buys a Legendary Mace For 7,500€

972 days 8 hours ago - Diablo 3 history for the highest real money value trade has been made with a near perfect Echoing Fury on D2JSP | Article | PC


Game Informer January Cover Revealed

972 days 9 hours ago - With the year’s biggest releases in our rearview mirror, we spent the better part of a month arguing about which games, characters, pubilshers, and... | Image | Industry


‘Warhammer: Arcane Magic': Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Now - Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Warhammer: Arcane Magic. | Promoted post
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