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Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review - HardOCP

311 days 5 hours ago - Wolfenstein: The New Order is out on PC. It utilizes the id Tech 5 game engine and sports fast paced first-person shooter gameplay. We look at some... | Opinion piece | PC


HardOCP: AMD Radeon R9 290X Video Card Review

519 days 19 hours ago - Brent Justice: AMD is launching the Radeon R9 290X today. The R9 290X represents AMD's fastest single-GPU video card ever produced. It is priced to... | Review | PC


Microsoft Just Killed Xbox Live Family Packs

595 days 20 hours ago - Steve: As of August 27th, those of you with Xbox Live Family Pack accounts will have their accounts split into four individual memberships. Instead... | Image | Xbox 360


LEGO Xbox One

668 days 10 hours ago - Better look out, here comes the nerd-rage "looks like a LEGO VCR" comments. big grin Thanks to everyone that sent this one in. | Video | Xbox One


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

HardOCP- BioShock Infinite[PC] Review

706 days 22 hours ago - HCP:Any fans of the BioShock series will be pleased with this new addition to the series. We are bombarded by extreme lighting scenarios that bring... | Review | PC


Gaming = The Glass Is Half Empty?

1177 days 2 hours ago - Steve from HardOCP: I have no idea where this came from but it is funny as hell. Thanks to TheWeazmeister for sending it in! | Image | Culture


Hardocp: Skyrim AMD CrossFireX Performance and IQ Review

1215 days 6 hours ago - Hardocp: We've given AMD every chance to improve the gameplay experience in this game. Now that we've tested Catalyst 11.11b Preview Driver we can... | Review | PC


HardOCP :Batman: Arkham City Performance Preview

1219 days 17 hours ago - HardOCP: Batman: Arkham City is upon us, and we wanted to give you a preliminary look at how performance is stacking up. We've found some issues ru... | Article | PC


Tweaking Skyrim Image Quality

1220 days 8 hours ago - Hardocp has compiled a list of tweaks which can make Skyrim look better. While there are many tweaks out there not all of them provide a big differ... | News | PC


AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Gameplay Performance Review

1262 days 10 hours ago - Hard OCP takes a look at the gaming performance of AMD's new FX-8150 cpu. Today we will take a look at how the AMD FX-8150 stacks up in real gam... | Review | PC


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Performance Preview

1312 days 6 hours ago - [H]ardOCP takes a look at the performance of the new Deus Ex game. The third game in its franchise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution launches at midnig... | Article | PC


RUMOR: Hardware partners for all manufacturers

1358 days 15 hours ago - Quoting author Kyle Bennett: "Upcoming Console Hardware While I personally did not attend E3, there were still a lot of people out and about from... | Rumor | PC


5 Screen Eyefinity Demo Reel

1561 days 3 hours ago - HardOCP: Thanks to Skip over at the Widescreen Gaming Forum, we have this video of a 5x1 (portrait) Eyefinity set up in action. The seven minute vi... | Video | PC


HardOCP: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Video Card Review

1572 days 4 hours ago - If you thought NVIDIA was done for the year when it launched the GeForce GTX 580 a month ago, you would be mistaken. In a surprising move NVIDIA is... | Review | PC


[H]ardOCP: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Video Card Review

1599 days 16 hours ago - Somewhat unexpected this soon, but so very welcome, the successor to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 (GF100) is making its debut. There is no question t... | Review | PC


ATI CrossFireX Application Profile 10.8a Performance

1673 days 14 hours ago - CrossFireX gets a performance boost in two games thanks to a new CrossFireX Application Profile update. Performance in Aliens vs. Predators and Bat... | News | PC


NVIDIA Surround Technology Performance Review

1710 days ago - Hardocp puts NVIDIA’s multi-display Surround Technology to the test with GeForce GTX 480 SLI video cards in 3x1 Surround mode. This is great news... | Review | PC


Concrete USB Drives FTW

1767 days 7 hours ago - Some dude came up with the idea for concrete USB drives that weigh the same as its storage capacity. Buy one for the wife’s key chain or buy two an... | News | Tech


NVIDIA Fermi - GTX 470 - GTX 480 - GTX 480 SLI Review

1826 days 17 hours ago - Hardocp:"We see no reason to purchase a GeForce GTX 470. It provides no gameplay advantages compared to the competition, and will actually end... | Review | 11, 12


BioShock 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

1858 days 3 hours ago - HardOCP reports: "For this evaluation, we are using a smaller lineup than usual, for some good reasons. From AMD we have three video cards. We... | Article | 12


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out this PSP remaster, yes I said PSP. | Promoted post
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