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Radeon Dual Graphics Performance with Kaveri and R7 250

339 days 8 hours ago - tests Radeon Dual Graphics Performance using a Kaveri A10 7850K and Radeon R250 and the latest Catalyst drivers beta 14.1 2.6.... | Article | PC


How to use a PS4 Controller in Windows with proper axis and XInput support

435 days ago - The PS4 is supported by Windows, but the buttons can be reversed, and the axis gets messed up. Also, many game use XInput, while the PS4 controller... | Article | PC


Report: AMD's Never Settle Reloaded Free Game Codes Running Out

580 days 2 hours ago - According to this report, online stores selling Radeon 7870's are no longer including the full AMD Never Settle Reloaded bundle. AMD has acknowledg... | News | PC


Opinion: Microsoft's Reversal of Xbox One DRM Policy is Good for Consumers, Bad for Gaming

584 days 8 hours ago - In a shocking move, Microsoft has reversed the DRM policy on Xbox One. This is seen as a good move for consumers, but what does it mean for the gam... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Which Games Announced at E3 Will Be On PC? Here’s a List of All of Them

584 days 23 hours ago - Dozens of games were announced at E3 last week, but it’s sometimes hard to tell which games will be released on PC. Here’s a an easy to read single... | Article | PC


Rumored AMD Radeon 8970 Picture Making Rounds May Not Be Worth Getting Excited About

588 days 2 hours ago - Pictures of a rumored Radeon 8970 have been making rounds this week, and HCW digs deeper to discover that there may not be much to get excited abou... | Rumor | PC


Xbox One and Playstation 4: Which Promises Will be Broken?

608 days 21 hours ago - A look at some of the promises made in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 reveals. Microsoft and Sony are known for sometimes not being able to deliver... | Article | PS4


Is Playstation Plus Worth It? These Are The Games You'd Have for $50 if You'd Subscribed Last Year

632 days 22 hours ago - If you were wondering if it was worth paying $50 for a year of Playstation Plus service, you might want to check out this list. These are all the g... | Article | PSP


Guide: How to use a PS3 Controller in Windows 8 Without Requiring Internet Access

812 days ago - Although Windows 8 detects the PS3 controller with the proper name, it is unresponsive without 3rd party drivers. This step by step guide teaches y... | Article | PC


Comparison: AMD vs Nvidia: The Best Video Card for $200 @ HCW

982 days 9 hours ago - This article uses a new method of benchmarking that looks at frame display time within each second, instead of just frames per second. This gives a... | Article | PC


Specs Comparison: Razer Blade vs Alienware

1214 days 6 hours ago - What happens when you spend the same amount of the cost of the upcoming Razer Blade on an actual gaming laptop? | Article | PC


SSD Performance on PS3

1301 days 8 hours ago - We've seen people toy around with SSD drives on the PS3, but until now, high performance drives have been prohibitively expensive. While still more... | Article | PS3


XBOX 360 vs Playstation 3: Part Four

1349 days 10 hours ago - After a one-year hiatus, HCW is back with their famous editorial series on XBOX 360 vs Playstation 3. They look at the consoles from various angles... | Article | Xbox 360


AMD vs Intel – Integrated Graphics in Hardcore Games

1431 days 3 hours ago - Exploring integrated graphics performance in hardcore multiplatform games released during this console generation. Have console graphics held PCs b... | Article | PC


Nintendo 3DS Specs Comparison: 3DS vs PSP vs iPhone 3GS

1680 days 3 hours ago - Now that we know what kind of graphics hardware is running the 3DS, we can begin to set our expectations on how it will compare to current handheld... | News | Nintendo DS


HCW Reviews Sony's E3 2010 Keynote - Who cares about 3D anyway?

1684 days ago - A look at Sony's LONG keynote from E3 2010, this article is longer than originally intended. There is a lot to say about the announcements, or lack... | News | PS3


HCW Reviews Nintendo's E3 2010 Keynote - Screw Casual Gamers

1684 days 22 hours ago - After a rocky start, Nintendo's keynote had more than a few pleasant surprises. We expected nothing more than the announcement of the 3DS and Zelda... | News | Nintendo DS


XBOX 360 Model Guide & Hardware Chart

1685 days 7 hours ago - With the introduction of a new XBOX 360 model, it's time to take a look at how things have progressed over the last 5 years. Unlike Sony, who remov... | News | Xbox 360


HCW Reviews Microsoft's E3 2010 Keynote - Kinect = Wii Too?

1685 days 22 hours ago - You've seen the keynote by now, but what we want to know is how hardcore gamers respond to Microsoft's Kinect. Here is a lengthy review of their en... | News | Xbox


Windows 7 vs Vista - The Definitive Performance Comparison

1920 days 17 hours ago - By now, everyone is aware of the UI improvements and other new features of Windows 7. But what about performance? HCW spent several weeks test... | Article | 12


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