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Infinite Warrior Review | Android Action Games | Hardcore Droid

3 hours ago - Hardcore Droid: "Weighed down with your blade, shield and armor, this Android port of developer Empty Flask Games’ debut effort Infinite Warrior ta... | Review | iPhone


Shadow Blade Review | Hardcore Droid

1 day 15 hours ago - Hardcore Droid: "The Swedish-American developer team DeadMage has followed up their mythology-based melee-explorer fantasy-adventure debut Garshasp... | Review | iPhone


King of Chicago Review | Android Action Games | Hardcore Droid

2 days 9 hours ago - Hardcore Droid: "The year is 1931, and Al Capone has been dethroned by the IRS. As the scarfaced capo rots in prison, every crook in Chicago fights... | Review | iPhone


Spider Webz Review: Passes on Variety and Falls Short of its Potential: Hardcore Droid

6 days 8 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Spider Webz could have been fun with a few tweaks to the game. It takes the concept of Cut The Rope and subverts it in an interest... | Review | iPhone


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Clash Of Lords 2 Review | Hardcore Droid

6 days 9 hours ago - Hardcore Droid: "For every shark that thrives in the mobile free-to-play market, there are remoras that ride its fins and eat the leftovers. Clas... | Review | iPhone


Monster Wars Review: Playfully Evil, Sinfully Broken: Hardcore Droid

6 days 14 hours ago - Hardcore Droid Writes - There’s nothing I love more than a new twist on an old idea. Like adding bacon to your favorite sandwich, it’s a scenario t... | Review | Android


Sorcery! Review: A Game Good For A Read, And Not Much Else: Hardcore Droid

6 days 16 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Choose your own adventure, a genre of gaming seemingly lost to time, is making strides towards resurrection with the help of smart... | Review | iPhone


Broken Sword 5: Serpent's Curse Review: "Point-and-Click Like It’s 1996" | Hardcore Droid

9 days 23 hours ago - Kickstarter has become the place for old folks to spend their money recapturing gaming’s glory days. Well, I was around for those days and there we... | Review | Android


Dark Guardians Review: All Dressed Up, but Nowhere to Go: Hardcore Droid

16 days 14 hours ago - Hardcore Droid- Perhaps there was a time when the use of the words “dark” and “souls” in the gaming world was an innocent notion, but that time is... | Review | Android


Colin McRae Rally Review: Hardcore Droid

18 days 20 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Hardcore racing gamers are part of a rare breed. Anyone and everyone picks up a racer every once in a while, some even get good at... | Review | iPhone


Pacific Fleet Review: Does Not Run Deep, But a Good Time Nevertheless | Hardcore Droid

18 days 20 hours ago - Hardcore Droid -Pacific Fleet is a strategy game of Second World War naval combat. It’s less than it first appears to be in some ways, but it still... | Review | iPhone


Dungeon Crawlers Review | Hardcore Droid

19 days 16 hours ago - Android Gaming website Hardcore Droid reviews strategy RPG Dungeon Crawlers. | Review | Android


Beyond Space Review: Back to Basics: Hardcore Droid

19 days 16 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - For a time, it seemed like we had lost one of our great genres. For nearly a decade, the space shooter languished in obscurity, al... | Review | iPhone


Mines of Mars | Hardcore Droid Review

19 days 16 hours ago - Hardcore Droid reviews indie game Mines of Mars. | Review | Android


Threes! Review: The Sanctity of the Puzzle Game is Secure Once Again: Hardcore Droid

19 days 22 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Considering the wealth of “me-too!” Candy Crush clones out there, it’s becoming harder and harder to trust puzzle games. Whereas t... | Review | iPhone


Block Legend Review | Hardcore Droid

23 days 22 hours ago - Hardcore Droid contributor Sam Riedel reviews mobile RPG puzzler Block Legend. | Review | Android


Gobliiins Trilogy Review: "Brilliant, Weird, Unique, and Kind of Unplayable" | Hardcore Droid

31 days 15 hours ago - Developed in the nineties by French developer Coktel Vision, the Gobliiins adventure games were already a trio of niche oddities. Now the trilogy’s... | Review | Android


SXSW Gaming Award Winners: Top Games at South By Southwest Interactive

32 days 4 hours ago - Hardcore Droid: Journalist, Meg Stivison recaps the top award winners at this year's SXSW Gaming Expo. | News | PC


South By Southwest Gaming Expo: Gaming Demos and Game Awards at SxSW Interactive

32 days 5 hours ago - Hardcore Droid: South by Southwest is almost a month of interactive, film and music shows, held annually in Austin, Texas. The festival is known fo... | News | PC


Ice Age Hunter Pro Review: An Aimless Game, in Every Sense of the Word: Hardcore Droid

34 days 18 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - I can succinctly sum up Ice Age Hunter Pro with a single word: Aimless. What’s so beautiful about this description is that the wor... | Review | iPhone


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