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The Daily Fisting Episode 8: 01/05/10

2227 days 15 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Todays episode brings another giddy yet melancholy Hamsterfist. Are the stories any better today? Who knows. I guess you s... | Podcast | 11


The Daily Fisting Episode 7: 01/04/10

2228 days 12 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Happy New Year people. Hamsterfist is back and is in a great mood. What are the top five stories of the day? Who cares. W... | Podcast | 11


The Daily Fisting Episode 4: 12/21/09

2240 days 19 hours ago - Today's Daily Fisting deals on some hot topics. Check out the top five stories and opinion on how you can screw over corporations. Article... | Podcast | 11


The Daily Fisting Episode 5: 12/22/09

2241 days 13 hours ago - Hamsterfist discusses teeth whitening, Sony maybe ripping people off and how lazy are the younger generation. Then shares his favorite song of the... | Podcast | 11


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

The Daily Fisting Episode 3: 12/16/09

2245 days 19 hours ago - Hamsterfist outlines the top five gaming news stories of the day, attacks New Hampshire and is maybe a serial killer. All this in only 12 minutes. | Podcast | 11

The Daily Fisting: Episode 1

2249 days 4 hours ago - Hamsterfist breaks down todays top stories. The Daily Fisting will run every Monday thru Thursday and generally will be posted on 6pm est. Today... | Podcast | 11


Hamsterfist Review of Zombie Apocalypse

2330 days 13 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Zombie Apocalypse is a brand spankin' new twin stick shooter available for download via the PSN or Xbox Live. It combines my... | Review | 1,2


The Top Types of Gamers

2330 days 22 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "There are many different types of gamers, believe it or not. Yes, it so happens that humans do come in many distinct s... | Article | 11


An Attack on Gaming

2333 days 17 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Did you just read that headline correct? Yes, you are on a gaming enthusiast site and yes I am going to rip into our favorit... | Article | 11


Hamsterfist The Beatles Rock Band Review

2338 days 16 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Being a huge Rock Band fan and a huge Beatles fan, The Beatles Rock Band was a no brainer for me. I only regret not picking... | Review | 1,2,3


A Crusade: Finding the Fix for the YLOD

2339 days 17 hours ago - VampHuntD writes "I've been waiting to write this not to protect the guilty, but because I'm a reasonable person and I've given several chance... | Article | 1


Flame Bait vs Opinion

2339 days 17 hours ago - Article excerpt: "I have noticed an interesting trend when posting opinions regarding games and consoles. If the opinion is not agreed u... | Article | 11


Xbox Live: Overpriced

2340 days 15 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "During a couple of my last posts I had written about how Xbox Live is over priced, but never offered too much of an exp... | Article | 2


Top Myths About the 360 and its Owners

2344 days 12 hours ago - Article Excerpt: 'You Lie' suddenly rang out in the chamber hall, who had dared to yell such a thing? Why none other than the Congressman Joe... | Article | 2


Top Myths About the PS3 and its Owners

2345 days 14 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "In the close to three years since the PS3 has launched, there have been numerous myths floating around about the system... | Article | 1


Top Ten MUST Buy Games of the Fall

2346 days 17 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "This fall is going to see a glut of fantastic games. What is most impressive is the diversity of genres that are going... | Article | 1,2,3,4


Why You Should Support Small Gaming Sites

2347 days 21 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "In honor of today being Labor Day, I thought we would take a look at all the hard working men or women of small gaming... | Article | 11


Hamsterfist Zombie Games Preview

2350 days 12 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "It's no secret that Hamsterfist loves Zombies. Zombie movies, zombie books and zombie games, I can't get enough. But ho... | Preview | 1,2,12


I Heart the XMB

2351 days 13 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "As of late I have been accused of promoting nothing but negative news towards the PS3 and particuallary the 3.0 update.... | Article | 1


The Balance of Power, EA and Activision have it all.

2353 days 13 hours ago - Story Excerpt: "The history of publishers/developers versus the console manufacturers has been one of cooperation and obstruction. It has... | Article | 11


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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