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Tekken Tag Tournament HD Platinum Trophy Guide

1390 days 17 hours ago - A trophy guide to help you obtain the platinum trophy in Tekken Tag Tournament HD. | Article | PS3


300 Platinum Trophies Live

1462 days 5 hours ago - *WARNING* *UC3 SPOILERS* *WARNING* Hakoom shows everyone live how he got his 300th platinum trophy and 16000 trophies. | Video | PS3


Sony Raises PSNs level limit Finally

1499 days 22 hours ago - YES! It’s finally here!! Sony decided to raise the Trophy CAP limit from LVL 50 1% | Article | PS3


First 14 Minutes of DarkSouls

1522 days 10 hours ago - has obtained DarkSouls a week early, and are previewing the first 14 minutes of the game. | Video | PS3


5 things to do to get you "PUMPED" for Batman: Arkham city

1523 days 9 hours ago - Yes I know Arkham city is still a month from release but there's no harm in being ready right? Besides this will only make the wait much easier. I'... | Article | PC


Trophy hunter Achieves 15000 Trophies Total

1527 days 17 hours ago - Yes you read the title correctly. Hakoom describes his daily gaming habits. Find out how long it took to obtain this gaming achievement. Picture pr... | News | PS3


5 Things Call Of Duty Needs to Change to gain the respect of the "Hardcore"

1541 days 2 hours ago - Let's face it the Call of duty franchise is in no shape or form "hardcore" meaning that its more on the casual side. I believe that certain changes... | Opinion piece | PSP


First 10 Minutes of WarHammer 40000 Space Marine SinglePlayer

1542 days 7 hours ago - Come watch Relics Warhammer 40000 Space Marines single player. We have filmed the first 10 minutes of Singleplayer. Enjoy the Video. | Video | PS3


Dead Island First 10 Minutes Of single player + Commentary

1545 days 11 hours ago - We have obtained Dead Island a week early, and are previewing the first 10 minutes of the game. | Video | PS3


Maximum PSN Trophy level obtained and Caught on video []

1546 days 10 hours ago - Video footage of the current PSN trophy level cap being obtained by the #1 trophy hunter in the world. Hakoom started trophy hunting in 2008 and it... | News | PS3


Germany's #1 Trophy Hunter Hit's 200 Plat BlackAngel887462 + interview

1547 days 6 hours ago - Come on over and Learn about Germany's very own trophy Champ BlackAngel887462 hitting 200 Platinum's - Video/Interview available in German and Engl... | News | PS3


Fanboy's Crazy or Just Blind loyalty?

1547 days 14 hours ago - Brand loyalty:"A consumer's commitment to repurchase or otherwise continue using the brand and can be demonstrated by repeated buying of a product... | Opinion piece | GameCube


How PS3 Trophies unlock & My glitched Trophies []

1551 days 9 hours ago - Being the world's Number 1 (non-hacking or multi) Platinum Trophy Hunter, it is obvious that you would have the hater's out there accusing me of h... | Article | PS3


5 Games Releasing this Fall that will Make your Wallet Cry for Mercy

1558 days 21 hours ago - Fall is considered to many as the season which gamers look forward to the most. With the release of games that we have been anticipating all year l... | Opinion piece | PC


Resistance 3 Beta video Impression []

1560 days 17 hours ago - "Going into the resistance 3 beta I was skeptical about it, since Resistance 2 was so far from what made me love Resistance: fall of man that I cou... | Preview | PS3


Why Trophies Are Not A Useless Feature on Your XMB

1563 days 9 hours ago - Allot of Gamers these days see trophy "hunting" as a waste of time or a feature they view as useless on PSN. Well I’m writing this article to try a... | Opinion piece | PS3


#1 Trophy Hunter Hakoom Passes The 10000 Bronze Trophy Mark

1564 days 9 hours ago - The #1 Trophy hunter Hakoom with 276 Platinums, 1078 Gold Trophies, 3247 silver trophies and a current max level of 50 has passed the 10000 Bronze... | News | PS2

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