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Go Critic: Dishonored Review: A Rat-tastic Experience

714 days 20 hours ago - Go Critic: Story. Meet Corvo Attano, all-around respectable bodyguard to the Empress. A rat plague is devastating the city of Dunwall, and Corvo’s... | Review | PC


Go Critic: Revisiting the Classics – Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

714 days 20 hours ago - Go Critic: When you think of games that are synonymous with the strategy RPG, there are a few titles that might come to mind depending on when you... | Article | PSP


Go Critic: Black Rock Shooter: The Game Review

714 days 21 hours ago - Go Critic: Ever since video games began relying on licensed products to move units, there have been very few based upon movies and TV shows that ca... | Review | PSP


Go Critic: Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection Review

714 days 21 hours ago - Go Critic: As a Vita owner, the lack of exclusive releases (or releases in general) can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, there is a large well of... | Review | PSP


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

GameStick, a portable game console for your tv

825 days 3 hours ago - Go-Critic: Imagine being able to have a game console with no chords at all. No chords for power. No chords for TV hook ups. Then imagine being... | Article | Tech


THQ Assets Mock Draft: Who Should Buy What and Why

825 days 4 hours ago - Go-Critic: THQ had a complicated and fascinating 2012. From almost being de-listed from the NASDAQ twice, to their eventual Chapter 11 application,... | Opinion piece | Industry


Go-Critic: Hotline Miami Review

825 days 5 hours ago - Go-Critic: You check your shotgun. Through the holes in your horse shaped mask you see only one shot left. It’ll have to do. A reckless boot to... | Review | PC


Why the VGA’s Aren’t the Mecca of Gaming (or a brief expository on BET Syndrome)

850 days 13 hours ago - Go Critic: The VGA’s make me uncomfortable. I turn my PlayStation 3 on and put work in at least once a day, and write about the merits of the artis... | Opinion piece | Industry


Go Critic: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Review

850 days 18 hours ago - Go Critic: The entire games industry, since its early primordial crawl out of the 80’s, has been a big game of innovate, then imitate until such ti... | Review | PS3


Sexism and Harassment in Halo 4, How Should It Be Handled?

863 days 23 hours ago - Go Critic: As a female gamer who has played Halo since the original release, I know exactly what it means to be harassed online. Did that ever mean... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


We love realistic games, don’t we?

864 days 7 hours ago - Go Critic: When I pummel Russians with bullets, I want to see blood. When I kill pedestrians with my truck, back up and do it again, I giggle at th... | Opinion piece | Culture


Limit Theory, an Open World Space Game on Kickstarter

870 days ago - Limit Theory is an open world game that takes gamers deep into space. Starting with only a single ship with no guidance or missions at the start o... | Article | PC


Hands On: DmC: Devil May Cry Demo | GO Critic

871 days 2 hours ago - GO Critic, "I admit, I came to a hard conclusion about this game far too early, and turned to a more hopeful and positive outlook sense. And it was... | Preview | Xbox 360


Go Critic: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

876 days 19 hours ago - Go Critic: There aren’t many games on shelves, physical or digital, that can instill the same brand of emotional tumult as Firaxis’ and 2K Games’ r... | Review | PC


Go Critic: Halo 4 Review

877 days ago - Go Critic: He’s back. The most iconic video game character aside from Mario and Link, Master Chief, has returned after five long years and is embar... | Review | Xbox 360


Keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving with Gamer Traditions

877 days 19 hours ago - Instead of going out shopping on Thanksgiving day, gamers should keep the holiday sacred by sticking together, online or at home, and gaming. Make... | Opinion piece | Culture


Revisiting the Classics – Arc the Lad

886 days 3 hours ago - GO Critic: If you live in North America, there’s a very high chance you’ve never heard of the Arc the Lad series. The now defunct G-Craft studio de... | Article | Retro


3 Ways Skyrim Ruins Lives

897 days 2 hours ago - Go Critic: When Skyrim first came out in Nov. 2011, I swear the earth stopped spinning for a week. Every video game message board, every Tweet, eve... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Reasons LEGO Games Appeal To Gamers of All Kinds

897 days 2 hours ago - Go Critic: LEGO games are definitely not new to gaming. Whether you own the latest consoles or even the older ones such as a PlayStation 2, Xbox,... | Opinion piece | Culture


Clan of Champions Review | GO Critic

898 days 5 hours ago - GO Critic, "Clan of Champions was one of those select titles that I always knew existed, but never had much information on aside from being the lat... | Review | PC


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