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NTN: Battlefield 3 M416 Gun Review

969 days 14 hours ago - Here is Lee from Nerf The Noob with a review of the M416 gun in Battlefield 3. | Video | PC


NTN: Battlefield 3 Gun Review: G53

974 days 16 hours ago - Here is Lee from Nerf The Noob with his next gun review. This time it's the G53. | Video | PC


NTN: End Game Review

985 days 22 hours ago - Here is Lee with his full review of Battlefield 3's latest dlc End Game. | Video | PC


NTN: End Game Capture the Flag Gameplay

992 days 14 hours ago - Here is more gameplay from Battlefield 3's latest DLC End Game. This time around its Capture the Flag. | Video | PC


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

NTN: Battlefield 3 End Game First Impressions

994 days 4 hours ago - In this video Lee from Nerf the Noob gives his first impressions of Batllefield 3's last map pack, End Game. | Video | PC


NTN: Battlefield 3 weapon tips: UMP-45

998 days 5 hours ago - Here is Lee with another weapon review in Battlefield 3. This time around its the UMP-45. | Video | PC


NTN: Minecraft Industrial Craft Mod Spotlight

1001 days 19 hours ago - Here is Lee from Nerf the Noob with an in depth look into the industrial craft mod on Minecraft. | Video | PC


NTN Minecraft Mod Spotlight: Buildcraft

1008 days 19 hours ago - This time Lee from Nerf The Noob showcases the Buildcraft Mod for Minecraft. If you enjoyed the video please like or subscribe to the channel. | Video | PC


NTN: Battlefield 3 Weapon Reviews: M417

1012 days 19 hours ago - Welcome to Nerf the Noob's new Battlefield series where each week a new weapon from Battlefield 3 will be reviewed. If you like what you see and he... | Video | PC


NTN: Minecraft Mod Spotlight Prologue

1014 days 9 hours ago - This is Lee from Nerf the Noob with his new and improved Minecraft series in which he is going to be taking an in depth look into the various mods... | Video | PC


NTN: Minecraft Series Episode 3

1022 days 18 hours ago - In this video of Nerf The Noobs Minecraft series Lee gets some oil into the tanks. | Video | PC


Crysis 3 - First Impressions PS3 Beta

1026 days 13 hours ago - This is a video from Nerf the Noob with Lee's first thoughts on Crysis 3 BETA which was released on PS3 on Wednesday 30th January 2013. | Video | PC


Nerf the Noob: Minecraft #2 Part 2- Setting up Oil Supply

1027 days 5 hours ago - This is part two of Nerf the Noob's Minecraft series. Hope you enjoy. | Video | PC


Minecraft Walkthrough (Part 1) - Trapping Some Oil

1030 days 7 hours ago - Lee of Nerf the Noob shows us how to trap some oil in the next part of his Minecraft series. | Video | PC


Minecraft Cogs of the Machine Mod

1037 days 4 hours ago - In the next video of Nerf the Noob's Minecraft series Lee will show you some fun stuff you can do with the Cogs of the Machine mod. If you like wha... | Video | PC


Nerf The Noob: Battlefield 3 Campaign (Side-Arms Only)

1049 days 13 hours ago - Here is Lee from Nerf The Noob with part 1 of a brand new series in which he aims to use only side-arms at all times when possible throughout the B... | Video | PC


Can Nintendo Continue to Live in the Past

1053 days 13 hours ago - Nintendo was once a proud company, delivering fun titles and uniting gamers; friends and family in fun quality time under the same roof. As times h... | Article | GameCube


Gamers@Play's Understanding Ninja Theory’s DMC Devil May Cry

1053 days 15 hours ago - With the game so close to release, it is saddening to see that many gamers still do not fully understand DMC Devil May Cry – the child formed from... | Preview | PC


Gamers@Play's Ni-No-Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Preview

1054 days 2 hours ago - Its been a long time coming but finally our Playstations 3′s will be graced with the presence of an excellent JRPG in the form of Ni-No-Kuni: Wrath... | Preview | PS3


Gamers@Play's Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Review

1054 days 5 hours ago - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a video game that caught many gamers off guard. It’s premise is similar to that of the successful Nintendo l... | Review | PS3


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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