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Dead Island: Two Painful Glitches

1617 days 8 hours ago - GIR's FP discusses 2 glitches that he encountered that ended up making him quite upset | Opinion piece | PC


Battlefield 3 Dinosaur Mode: Can a Prank Become Reality?

1619 days 9 hours ago - GIR's Callum takes a look at the BF3 Dino hoax and how it has become one of the game's most popular 'features'. | Opinion piece | PC


Will the 'Hardcore' Ruin Gaming

1619 days 12 hours ago - GIR's Adam Allcroft laments the interference of the 'Hardcore' lifestyle's effect on gaming. | Opinion piece | Culture


Want to Know More About The Secret World? Of Course You Do

1620 days 3 hours ago - GIR's Samantha writes: Electronic Arts announced that they would be co-publishing The Secret World with Funcom. This news not only got the ball rol... | Article | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Most Anticipated For 2012? Bioshock: Infinite

1620 days 8 hours ago - GIR's Choch expresses his excitement about the upcoming Bioshock game. | Opinion piece | PC


Which Platform Should You Plan On Playing These Multiplatform Games On?

1621 days 22 hours ago - GIR's Callum writes: With so many awesome multiplatfom games hitting shelves in the coming months it’s time to take a look at which system will be... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 25 Video Game Heroes of All Time

1623 days 11 hours ago - GIR's Hillis takes a look at our top 25 favorite heroes of all time. Unfortunately, Alucard is not among the list. | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox Needs Kevin Butler

1624 days 23 hours ago - Gaming Irresponsibly writes, "After viewing the latest PlayStation 3 promotional video starring the best VP a company has ever seen, some of us hav... | Opinion piece | Culture


Serious Sam: Double D Review (Gaming Irresponsibly)

1625 days ago - GIR's FP reviews the latest Serious Sam game from Mommy's Best Games. | Review | PC


Why Steam Would Be An Ideal Solution For All Platforms

1625 days 16 hours ago - GIR's Callum writes: In recent years, online gaming has become the biggest thing out there. I’ve already covered what I think the future of PSN and... | Opinion piece | PC


With The 3DS Price Drop, These Games Need to be on Your Christmas List

1629 days 10 hours ago - GIR's Adam Allcroft points out the games that Santa better be leaving under all the 3DS owner's trees. | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 International Locations That Grand Theft Auto V Should Take Us

1630 days 6 hours ago - GIR's Choch writes: Is it just me or does GTA need a change of scenery? Liberty City has been the staple city for Grand Theft Auto and I guess 'if... | Opinion piece | PC

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