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Jung Suh on the Importance of Cultural Relevance | Casual Connect Video

580 days 6 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'Free to Play is king, no exceptions,' Jung Suh told his audience in regards to the Chinese market during Casual Connect Asia 2014... | Video | Industry


Jagged Alliance: Flashback – Managing a Dedicated Community With High Expectations

583 days 21 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Full Control is a small independent studio founded in 2004 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have specialized in the genre of... | Article | PC


DieselStormers: Building the Infinitely Prolonged Run ‘n’ Gun Co-Op Experience

585 days 10 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Black Forest Games is a 20-men development studio comprised of veteran developers from all over the world, mostly former members o... | Article | Xbox


Juan Gril on the Advantages and Challenges of Self-Publishing | Casual Connect Video

586 days 8 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'Today, you have enough tools to do a $5,000 investment and get 5,000 installs and see what your return on that investment is,' Ju... | Video | Industry


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Christopher Natsuume on Boomzap and Creating Success | Casual Connect Video

586 days 10 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'I think the model right now for publishing is extraordinarily broken,' Chris Natsuume said during a panel at Casual Connect Asia... | Video | Industry


Ian Gregory: Moving from Advertising to Game Design | Casual Connect Video

590 days 19 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'Obviously, everyone wants to do freemium today,' Ian Gregory tells his audience at Casual Connect Asia 2014. 'Every publisher you... | Video | Industry


Robert Pontow: Positive Energy in the Indie Scene | Casual Connect Video

593 days 9 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'Does anyone know any indie games from Japan? Do you know any indie games that have been successful in Japan? Probably not so many... | Video | Industry


Alexander Krug: Reshaping the Way People Connect to Mobile Games | Casual Connect Video

594 days 5 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Alexander Krug provided an overview of how HTML5 is working right now. 'If you look to the numbers, you can understand that flash... | Video | Mobile


Chris Mills and Changing With the Times | Casual Connect Video

597 days 7 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Chris Mills discussed China’s video game market with his audience at Casual Connect Asia 2014. 'As of 2014, 57 percent of the Andr... | Video | Industry


Gwen Guo: Sound Decisions in the Game Development Pipeline| Casual Connect Video

598 days 23 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'When you want to hire a sound designer, look out for portfolios that specifically talk about sound design,' Gwen Guo advises her... | Video | Industry


Himanshu Kapoor Has a Passion For Games | Casual Connect Video

607 days 22 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'Humans are storytelling creatures and we all seek to amuse ourselves through the means of stories,' says Himanshu Kapoor during C... | Video | Industry


Jonathan Zweig: Excited About Mobile Ads | Casual Connect Video

608 days 22 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'How do you monetize the 98 percent that are not buying in-app items?' Jonathan Zweig asked his audience at Causal Connect Asia 20... | Video | Industry


Peter Heinrich Leverages Real World Experiences | Casual Connect Video

610 days 19 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "What have top earners of mobile apps done to be at the top? What have they done differently? Peter Heinrich explains many situatio... | Video | Industry


Yaniv Nizan on Succeeding with a Startup | Casual Connect Video

611 days 23 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "'What publishers really offer game developers today is, first of all, development tools that already have the know-how of how to m... | Video | Industry


Sergio Salvador: Passion, Inspiration, and Creativity

618 days 7 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Sergio Salvador, the head of games partnerships at Google, developed an interest in video games at an early age. He was 12 years o... | Article | Industry


Stephen Lee on the Importance of Culturalization

618 days 19 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "As the Executive Director and Head of Publishing at 6waves, Stephen Lee spends his days speaking with developers from all over the... | Article | Industry


Phoenix Online Studios: Living an Adventure

619 days 21 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "It’s amazing what a group of game fans can do — if Phoenix Online Studios is any indication. What started out as a way to try and... | Article | Industry


Vlad the Angry Viking Voyager: Building a Hero That Lasts

620 days 19 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Releasing over 30 titles in the app stores such as Vlad The Viking: Barbarian Run, Turbo Train (an Indie Prize nominee), and Tesla... | Article | iPhone


David Ng on What It Takes to Succeed in Southeast Asia

635 days 7 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "David Ng, CEO of gumi Asia, stresses, 'Do what you love and love what you do!' His love is games, creating IP and content, and bri... | Article | Industry


The Eyes Have It: Eye Tracking as a Game Changer for Developers and Consumer Brands

640 days 2 hours ago - Gamesauce says: "Based in Sweden, Tobii Technology is a global leader in eye tracking. The company develops innovative eye-tracking products and so... | Article | Tech


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