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A Video Game Birthed From 20 Years of Roleplay: An Interview With Kisareth Studios

1 day 2 hours ago - In this interview with three members of the studio (two do most of the talking), we learn about the CEO’s tumultuous history that led to her aspira... | Interview | PC


How To PvP In Destiny

4 days 14 hours ago - One of the main features of Destiny is the player vs player combat. You can't just jump in like most games and if you don't know where to look you... | Article | PC


Destiny Guide: How To Switch Your Sparrow And Ship

5 days 3 hours ago - In Destiny you are given a basic ship and Sparrow to start with. As you progress better ones become available for purchase that have more health or... | Article | PC


Chicken Adventure Tips And Tricks

8 days 13 hours ago - Chicken Adventure is an iOS game that just came to the app store. The concept is simple you collect eggs and dodge walls and other dangerous obstac... | Article | iPhone


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

SMITE Patch Preview Peek – Egyptian God Assassin Arriving Next Week

10 days 3 hours ago - During a live Twitch.TV stream earlier today various members of Hi-Rez Studios and their stream team teased the audience tidbits of information sur... | News | PC


Sony’s Flash Sale vs. Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale — Which is Better?

10 days 11 hours ago - Hot on the heels of the Steam Summer Sale, both Microsoft and Sony have two big sales underway for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Both have so... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why You Should Rethink Buying a Season Pass

11 days 7 hours ago - Matt Trovalli of Gamers Heroes writes: The trend of Season Passes in the world of gaming is only becoming more standard. If you don't know what... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Guess The Emoji: Level 1 Through 10 Guide

17 days 14 hours ago - Guess The Emoji is a game on the App store that has you solving puzzles based off icons and faces. The game starts off easy but quickly gets harder... | Article | iPhone


Let It Goat! Tips And Tricks

18 days 4 hours ago - Let It Goat is a game on the app store that has you running and jumping, that's it. Thing is you have to avoid spikes and zombies or else you die.... | Article | iPhone


Valiant Hearts: The Great War - Chapter 1 Ypres Guide

27 days 22 hours ago - Ypres in Valiant Hearts: The Great war is the first level to bring out the poison gas. You will have to put a stop to the gas so you and Freddie ca... | Article | PC


The 5 Most Awkward Moments of E3 2014

36 days 15 hours ago - The Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, an event where publishers spend millions of d... | Opinion piece | Industry


Stupid Private’s Character Central Episode 1: Cloud Strife From Final Fantasy 7

38 days 3 hours ago - Captain Camper of Gamers Heroes writes: For the first episode of Character Central he (The Stupid Private) takes a look at arguably one of the m... | Video | Culture


Mario Kart 8 Guide – Kart Stat Calculator

48 days 8 hours ago - Mario Kart 8 comes complete with an exciting selection of potential customization options but with so many variations on display, how do we know wh... | Article | Wii U


Murdered Soul Suspect Gruesome Car Crash Case Guide

49 days ago - On your way to the police station you will see a car in a bush and a ghost near the car. Talk to him and he will tell you about the car crash and w... | Article | PC


Murdered Soul Suspect War Room Case Guide

49 days 4 hours ago - After you get into the police station you will have to investigate the war room. You will be searching for any new leads on the murder case. This g... | Article | PC


Murdered Soul Suspect My Life Guide

49 days 4 hours ago - My Life is a side case in Murdered: Soul Suspect that helps you get to know the main character a bit more. Basically you find the points and you ge... | Article | PC


Murdered Soul Suspect Scorned Case Guide

49 days 4 hours ago - On your way to the cemetery you will come across a woman who wants your help finding out about her husband. You need to find out if he cheated on h... | Article | PC


Murdered Soul Suspect Receptionist’s Office Case

49 days 4 hours ago - After the graveyard you will go to meet Joy at the Salem asylum. Inside you will have a to solve the reception’s office case before you can move on... | Article | PC


Murdered Soul Suspect Gala Case Guide

49 days 4 hours ago - After everything wraps up at that asylum you will have to go to a gala for another case. While here you will be looking for any clues connected to... | Article | PC


Murdered Soul Suspect Shipyard Park Case Guide

49 days 4 hours ago - On your way to the church you will run into a woman crying and she will give you a case. She doesn’t remember much but she does remember Monohanset... | Article | PC


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