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Tears to Tiara II Review | Gamers Heroes

2 days 10 hours ago - Strategy RPG fans are in vogue right now. Atlus and Aquaplus’ Tears to Tiara II is looking to take advantage of the trend, bringing a game that is... | Review | PS3


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Guide: Jack's Office Side Quest Guide

6 days 4 hours ago - The next side quest area in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is Jack's Office. It isn't as big as Concordia but there are still a couple tricky quests to... | Article | PC


Borderlands The Pre- Sequel Guide: Concordia Vault Symbol Locations

8 days 11 hours ago - The Vault Symbols make a return in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and they are still tricky to find. There are three symbols to find in Concordia. | Article | PC


Where To Respec And Change Skins In Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

8 days 16 hours ago - In Borderlands The Pre-Sequel you can change your outfit color and your skill tree if you don't like what you have. Unfortunately you don't gain ac... | Article | PC


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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Guide: Concordia Side Quest Guide

8 days 16 hours ago - Concordia is the main city in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and it has tons of side quests to do. You will also run into a few old friends while you a... | Article | PC


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Guide: Springs Side Quest Guide

9 days 1 hour ago - Once you finally arrive on Elpis you will be introduced to Springs. She will help you get into the city on Elpis and also give you some extra quest... | Article | PC


The Evil Within: What's In The Locker?!

10 days 8 hours ago - While you are in your safe zone in The Evil Within you can open lockers in the back if you have keys. Question is which lockers should you be wasti... | Article | PC


The Evil Within: Weapon Location Guide

10 days 8 hours ago - While playing The Evil Within you need to find every weapon you can to survive the enemy hordes. Some of these weapons can be missed if you aren't... | Article | PC


The Evil Within Guide: Locker Key Location Guide

10 days 8 hours ago - In The Evil Within you get a safe room with locked lockers inside. The lockers have a bunch of different things inside and ultimately you will need... | Article | PC


Cosplay Wednesday – Resident Evil Revelations’ Jessica Sherawat

15 days 8 hours ago - The Resident Evil series is a strange beast right now — even stranger than the creatures of Raccoon City. While Resident Evil: Revelations 2 might... | Image | Culture


Honest Gaming Journalism Doesn’t Pay But It Sure Is Good Fun

16 days 7 hours ago - Captain Camper of Gamers Heroes writes: To my complete and utter surprise recent events within the gaming industry seemed to have alerted a lar... | Opinion piece | Industry


Costume Quest 2: Side Quest Guide

16 days 8 hours ago - Costume Quest 2 has a good amount of side quests to do if you look for them. Without doing them you will fall behind on EXP and might miss out of s... | Article | PC


Costume Quest 2 - Costume List

16 days 8 hours ago - The Costumes in Costume Quest 2 will change a characters abilities and outfit for a fight. They also help you beat certain quests or find certain h... | Article | PC


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review | Gamers Heroes

16 days 20 hours ago - Atlus’ Persona series is practically a household name at this point, with RPGs, musicals, dancing games, anime adaptations, and even naughty videos... | Review | Xbox 360


How To Use The Security Tuner In Alien Isolation

17 days 7 hours ago - One of the key items in Alien Isolation is the Security Tuner. This tool will help you open some doors and hack some terminals throughout the game.... | Article | PC


Alien Isolation Guide: Weapon Location Guide

17 days 7 hours ago - Hiding isn't the only way you can survive in Alien Isolation. If you look around enough you will be able to find weapons to help you keep the Alien... | Article | PC


Alien Isolation Guide: Blueprint Location Guide

17 days 7 hours ago - In Alien Isolation you will need to find blueprints so you can craft new equipment. The blueprints are not required so if you aren't looking for th... | Article | PC


Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Guide: The White Rider Trophy/Achievement Guide

20 days 5 hours ago - The White Rider trophy/achievement in Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor is one of the more tricky ones. You have to liberate 30 slaves within 180 secon... | Article | PC


Cosplay Wednesday – Guild Wars 2′s Shining Blade

22 days 18 hours ago - New to Guild Wars 2? The long-running MMO is currently having a free trial week, making it the perfect time to jump in. In honor of this special oc... | Image | Culture


Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Rune List

23 days 9 hours ago - In Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor you will need runes to upgrade your weapons. You get these by killing high ranking enemy Uruk and Orcs. The strong... | Article | PC


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