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Blackguards 2 Review | Gamereactor UK

2 days 5 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Despite all the innovations, changes, and fresh ideas, one can still argue about how new Blackguards 2 really is. Graphically and in... | Review | PC


Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Review | Gamereactor

4 days ago - GR-UK writes: "If you've played Saints Row IV before, then bear in mind that the punchlines don't hit home with the same impact the second time aro... | Review | PS4


Resident Evil HD Review | Gamereactor UK

4 days 11 hours ago - If you've never played a Resident Evil game pre-Resident Evil 4, you may struggle to accept the archaic mechanics, but if you were fans of the fir... | Review | PC


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Preview | Gamereactor UK

4 days 22 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "For some this is the most beloved chapter from The Legend of Zelda series. Dark, intriguing, full of surreal undertones - cinematica... | Preview | 3DS


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Devolver Digital wants to make a Seaman sequel happen

20 days 18 hours ago - Fork Parker has been publicly courting Sega and creator Yutaka "Yoot" Saito over a possible sequel to the quirky Dreamcast original to possibly app... | News | PC


Indies to Look For in 2015

21 days 9 hours ago - From Broforce to Gang Beasts via No Man's Sky, we take a look at some of the most promising indies down for a 2015 release. | Preview | PC


Gamereactor's Indie Calendar - 25 Developers & Their Exciting Games

31 days 5 hours ago - Throughout December we've been talking to independent developers large and small, from Obsidian to Vlambeer, via Image & Form and Roll7. Mike Bithe... | Article | PC


LA Cops: "Expect lots of action, humour, 70s brashness and an extremely rock soundtrack"

35 days 22 hours ago - Gamereactor interrogated Modern Dream about LA Cops. Then we shared a box of donuts. | Interview | PC


Free Lives on Broforce: "Sometimes "stupid" ideas are really the best ideas"

36 days 19 hours ago - Gamereactor talks to Free Lives about Broforce and the studio's plans for the coming year. | Interview | PC


Tale of Tales on Sunset: "it's the biggest game of our career"

37 days 17 hours ago - Gamereactor finds out more about how Call of Duty and Half-Life 2 influenced the intriguing war story of Tale of Tales' Sunset. | Interview | PC


Gamereactor launches PlayStation 4 app today

38 days 3 hours ago - Starting today you can download Gamereactor app on PlayStation 4 in Europe. | News | PS4


Destiny: The Dark Below Review | Gamereactor

39 days ago - GR-UK writes: "The moment to moment gunplay, the kinetic splendour of the firefights, the deliciously over-powered supers, the lush visual design;... | Review | Xbox 360


Volume is "coming together" says Mike Bithell

41 days 18 hours ago - Gamereactor talks to Mike Bithell in the latest entry in their Indie Calendar. | Interview | PC


Dead Pixels II: "I want people to be able to play the finished game"

41 days 19 hours ago - In today's Indie Calendar, Gamereactor talks to the creator of Dead Pixels II: Straight to Video about hopes and aspirations for the game in 2015. | Interview | PC


The Talos Principle Review | Gamereactor UK

43 days 23 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "It's such a different game that it could draw the odd skeptical glance, but puzzle lovers or intellectually hungry minds are being o... | Review | PC


The Crew review | Gamereactor UK

44 days 17 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "In summary you'll get a lot of fun out of The Crew, unless you come to the table expecting a revolutionary MMO racer. Given the pre-... | Review | PS4


Until Dawn: "You create your version of the story"

46 days 22 hours ago - GRTV interview design director Tom Heaton on the upcoming horror game Until Dawn: "There's a range of choice and they're meaningful," says Heato... | Interview | PS4


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Review | Gamereactor UK

46 days 22 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Putting aside our concerns for a moment, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris remains a largely solid title that offers several hours... | Review | PC


Bloodborne & The Chalice Dungeons | Gamereactor UK

49 days 16 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "During the introductory speeches at Sony's PlayStation anniversary event, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki took to the stage to unve... | Preview | PS4


The Order: 1886 | Gamereactor UK

49 days 19 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "If Ready At Dawn can find a nice balance, if they can mix up the different mission types, they could well be onto something. At the... | Preview | PS4


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

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