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Eight New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshots (Gameplaybook)

1805 days 13 hours ago - Namco has supplied Gameplaybook with eight awesome new renders from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that'll take your breath away! | Screenshot | Xbox 360


MLB 11: The Show Demo Impressions (Gameplaybook)

1806 days 11 hours ago - Does Sony's baseball game have some promising elements? Gameplaybook takes the demo for a road test. | Preview | PS3


MLB 2K11, Top Spin 4 Demos Coming This Week (Gameplaybook)

1806 days 12 hours ago - 2K Sports will be releasing a double dose of demos this week, with tryable versions of Major League Baseball 2K11 and Top Spin 4 coming to both Pla... | News | Xbox 360


Why Launching Madden Alongside the Nintendo 3DS Is a Mistake (Gameplaybook)

1815 days 6 hours ago - Madden NFL Football is coming to the Nintendo 3DS next month...but is EA Sports rushing it? Gameplaybook believes so, and explains why it's a mist... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Kudos To Bizarre Creations (Gameplaybook)

1815 days 12 hours ago - Gameplaybook says goodbye to the talented developer behind Project Gotham, Blur and Geometry Wars. They shall never be forgotten. | Article | Wii


Ridge Racer Accelerated HD Now Available For iPad

1817 days 10 hours ago - Namco Bandai has announced that it has released a special edition of Ridge Racer Accelerated specifically made for the iPad. It's out now. | News | iPhone


Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review (Gameplaybook)

1817 days 20 hours ago - Marvel and Capcom bring together their best once more for this epic sequel. But does it live up to the hype? | Review | Xbox 360


Pocket Fighter Review (Gameplaybook)

1818 days 19 hours ago - The quirky PS One fighting classic returns as a downloadable game for PlayStation Network. Is it worth the $6 investment? | Review | PS3


Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review (Gameplaybook)

1819 days 18 hours ago - Atari's paradise-driven racer can't live up to its potential, due to a myriad of problems. | Review | Xbox 360


Namco's Baseball Game To Feature Fighting Game Characters (Gameplaybook)

1822 days 22 hours ago - Namco's baseball game Pro Baseball Famista 2011 may not sound like it's got much going for it, but just wait until you see what fighting characters... | News | Xbox 360


Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Review (Gameplaybook)

1823 days 1 hour ago - Does the latest Monster Jam game live up to its monster truck reputation? Sadly, no. It's all flat. | Review | Xbox 360


First Look: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Gameplaybook)

1824 days ago - The King of Iron Fist Tournament returns, and Gameplaybook has your first look! (Call a friend.) | Preview | Arcade


No More Tony Hawk Games? (Gameplaybook)

1824 days ago - Activision is on a killing streak with franchises today. Along with cancelling Guitar Hero and True Crime, word has it that the company is shelvin... | News | Wii


NBA Jam Review (iPhone/iPod Touch)- Gameplaybook

1824 days 1 hour ago - NBA Jam has dunked its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but can this game still buy a bucket? | Review | iPhone


Mario Sports Mix Review (Nintendo Wii)- Gameplaybook

1825 days 19 hours ago - Mario Sports Mix is Nintendo's latest attempt at achieving sports glory with the famous plumber. Unfortunately, it's too shallow to even compare t... | Review | Wii


Pocket Fighter Officially Coming To PSN Today (Gameplaybook)

1825 days 23 hours ago - Capcom has confirmed that Pocket Fighter, the pint-sized PlayStation fighter featuring Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters, is coming to Pla... | News | PS3


First Look: NBA Jam (iPhone/iPod Touch)- Gameplaybook

1826 days 21 hours ago - NBA Jam is bringing its A-game to iPhone and iPod Touch. Are you ready to boomshakalaka? | Preview | iPhone


EA Sports Active: NFL Training Camp Review (Wii)- Gameplaybook

1828 days 7 hours ago - Just in time for the Super Bowl, Gameplaybook reviews EA Sports' ultimate NFL football workout program for Wii. | Review | Wii


First Look: Fight Night Champion (iPhone, iPod Touch)- Gameplaybook

1829 days 10 hours ago - Can EA Sports' boxing legend be a contender on Apple's portable devices? Gameplaybook takes a first look! | Preview | iPhone


NBA Jam Coming Soon To iPhone, iPod Touch (Gameplaybook)

1829 days 10 hours ago - While official details still have yet to come, EA Mobile has confirmed that a portable version of NBA Jam is in the works for iPhone and iPod Touch! | News | iPhone


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