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Metro 2033 Redux Review: A Masterful Remake Of Last Gen's Unsung Take On The Apocalypse | GameNGuide

3 days 15 hours ago - GameNGuide's review of Metro 2033 Redux, a next-gen remastering of one of last generation's most unsung shooters. | Review | PC


APB Reloaded Confirmed For Xbox One & PS4

7 days 1 hour ago - There's just one problem- neither Sony and Microsoft want to allow cross-platform play, or for you to bring over your already purchased content. | News | PS4


The Walking Dead Pinball Review- You Will Remember This | GameNGuide

20 days 10 hours ago - Zen Studios adapting Telltale's first Walking Dead season into a pinball game seemed ridiculous, but it works perfectly. | Review | PC


Rogue Legacy: Is The PlayStation Version Better Than the PC? | GameNGuide

21 days 7 hours ago - Yup. Rogue Legacy for PS3/PS4/Vita looks to be the definitive version of this instant classic. | Review | PS3


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

ArcheAge Preview: Impressions Of Closed Beta 4 And Playable Races | GameNGuide

21 days 18 hours ago - An in-depth look at this weekend's "Conflict and Conquest" closed beta, as the full release draws near. | Preview | PC


Top 5 Most-Desired Football Manager 2015 Changes And Additions

41 days 5 hours ago - The Football Manager games continue to improve each year, but there are of course still additions the fans would like to see, both to improve the g... | Opinion piece | PC


Ascension: Rise Of Vigil Review For iOS Platforms [GameNGuide]

41 days 14 hours ago - Stone Blade Entertainment and Playdek recently launched the latest update the fourth standalone expansion of Ascension. Rise of Vigl adds new play... | Review | iPhone


The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 4 Review: Can Telltale Save This Series? | GameNGuide

48 days 21 hours ago - 'When Will It End, and Where?', rightfully asks Telltale. This season has been a bit of a mess so far- does the penultimate episode help things along? | Review | PC


Top 5 Lord Of The Rings Video Games Retrospective

52 days 11 hours ago - With the impending release of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, the next great video game set in the fantastical world created by J.R.R. Tolkien, we... | Opinion piece | PS2


Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Comic Con Trailer Reveals Wraith Companion As Crafter Of One Ring

52 days 14 hours ago - Everything we know about Celebrimbor, the crafter of the rings of power. | Video | PC


Divinity Original Sin Review: Old-School Mechanics Meet Modern Design In Deep CRPG | GameNGuide

52 days 16 hours ago - Divinity: Original Sin is both old and new, combining classic RPG gameplay with a gorgeous modern look and feel. It might not be for everyone--your... | Review | PC


Ascension Expansion Rise Of Vigil Released On iOS Platforms

52 days 19 hours ago - Stone Blade Entertainment and Playdek released the latest, and perhaps greatest, expansion for their brilliant iOS deckbuilding game, Ascension. | News | iPhone


Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Comic-Con Update Sees Geek Celebs Battling Monster Stewie

54 days 6 hours ago - Family Guy does not mess around. Patrick Stewart, Bryan Cranston, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Felicia Day, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion are all entering... | News | iPhone


Swordsman Online Review: This One Could Do With An Extra Five-Year Plan | GameNGuide

55 days 19 hours ago - In Swordsman, the new Perfect World MMO based on the wuxia novel by Louis Cha, you take on the role of a swords(wo)man in order to bring peace to t... | Review | PC


SolForge Community Deck Review: Wyvern's Wrath Can Bring Fire And Brimstone At Any Time (GameNGuide)

59 days 8 hours ago - Solforge released two new community crafted decks recently. We're taking a look at the first: the lizard heavy Wyvern's Wrath. It's sure to become... | Review | PC


Hellraid: The Escape Review: A Stunning, Frustrating Puzzler Experience For Your iPhone (GameNGuide)

62 days 6 hours ago - GameNGuide takes you on a trip beyond time and space to a dimension of madness in this horror puzzler for your smartphone. It does a lot of things... | Review | iPhone


#HelpsNotHarms Campaign Combats Recent Article Decrying Video Games As Addictive As Heroin

66 days 21 hours ago - UK newspaper, and I stress that term greatly, The Sun has fired shots against the video game industry as a whole. A boisterous, click-baiting headl... | Opinion piece | Industry


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn - The Finest Robot Action On The PS3 (GameNGuide)

68 days 16 hours ago - The Dynasty Warriors franchise has filled that need for digital cannon fodder for the past 17 years. The sheer number of enemy combatants that have... | Review | PS3


Hearthstone Naxxramas Pricing Delay: It's Blizzard, Everything Will Be Okay

72 days 6 hours ago - Why we shouldn't freak out over the delays in releasing the Hearthstone expansion. Blizzard is nothing if not masters of quality. Plus, it's a long... | News | PC


'Thief' Movie Announced, Garret Will Steal His Way Onto The Silver Screen In Upcoming Adaptation

72 days 9 hours ago - Everyone's favorite five finger discounter Garrett will be heading to the big screen via the Hitman film producer. Is this cause for concern or hav... | News | Culture


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

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