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Review: Ridge Racer 3D - Game-Smack Ireland

1698 days ago - Ridge Racer has been around for nearly two decades now and each iteration has never seen huge overhauls; but rather new small touches over past ite... | Review | 3DS

Is Kinect a Step Backwards?

1908 days 13 hours ago - Game-Smack Ireland: This year the holiday season for games is going to be slightly different over any other year. Now that the Xbox 360 and PlaySta... | Article | Xbox 360


New UFC Undisputed 2010 PSP Trailer

1919 days 4 hours ago - Here is the new trailer for UFC Undisputed 2010 on the PSP. To be honest it looks rather impressive, boasting over 100 fights and pretty steller gr... | News | PSP


How a Claptrap May Have Saved Duke Nukem

1934 days 16 hours ago - Duke Nukem Forever has had a very long but sad story. Being in development for over a decade, Duke always found it hard to keep up with the changes... | Article | Dev


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Crackdown 2 Preview - Game-Smack Ireland

1987 days 6 hours ago - Game-Smack Ireland: The original Crackdown is still regarded as on of the most surprisingly good games this generation. Most people saw Crackdown a... | Preview | Xbox 360


WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 coming October 26th

1998 days 21 hours ago - The new Smackdown vs. Raw will be hitting shelves in the last week of October. This year's biggest new feature is dynamic physics. Now you will no... | News | Xbox 360


RE5: Desperate Escape Review-

2095 days 9 hours ago - Jason from reviews the latest Resident Evil 5 DLC. As this may be they last new bit of Resi we get for a while is it worth diving in... | Review | 1,2

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